Announcement from the Purple Scales Merchant Company

  • _> I, Frederick Dracohorn, solely made it to the end of the passages of the Hullack caverns where the Staff of Ilmater is said to lay. I reached a puzzle where I could progress no further, but through my own sheer intelligence, have deciphered the clues to progress.

    For those eager to seek the Staff of Ilmater, I offer you the answers to these clues and to guide you through these passages. In return, I ask a donation of 25,000 Gold pieces be made to the Purple Scales Merchant Company to commission the building of a House Dracohorn Estate in the newly built Eveningstar, complete with a mercantile outpost for traders.

    I await the response of those eager to recover the Staff.

    In Service of House Dracohorn,

    Frederick Dracohorn
    Son of Lord Dracohorn_

  • The posters are taken down by children with big grins and fat pockets

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