Relics of The Princess Of Passion

  • Hi All.

    I'm looking for information on the local Shrines Of Sune, standing or not.
    I hope to explore them looking for Lost relics of the Goddess.

    One in Particular, a rumor, a whisper of a relic of the Lady.
    A thing of such beauty no price can be asked.
    A thing of such power that undead simply crumble to dust when shown to them.
    Evil men tremble in its presence.

    We'll start looking in town, searching the crypts, the sewers, basements where access is granted.

    If nothing is found, we will branch out, hitting often explored ruins for over looked items.

    All for the Glory of Sune.

    Find Ginger, Bardess of Sune

  • We have searched the Crypts below the city .
    Nothing has been found. We've searched sewer and basements to no avail.
    Its time to expand our search. I will need a guide to help me find outlying crypts and
    dungeons. I am but a poor Bardess of Sune, but can offer some coin for the aid of an accomplished scout. Contact Ginger Cooper for specifics and an interview!

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