Where's all the fun? (not a complaint)

  • I'm trying to jump back in action after almost a year long hiatus but somehow it's not working for me.
    Normally in such circumstances I would apply for a DM faction, but seeing how I've been burning through characters like crazy since my return I wouldn't want to abuse DMs' trust.
    So I'm basically looking for some ideas to be thrown at me here. Are there any player driven plots to participate in? How do I get involved? Maybe you even have an interesting character concept in mind you want to share. Any insight will be appreciated.

  • Hallowhaven for the Evil, CB's plot for the really evil, Easthaven for the goodly/neutral.

    DM factions don't require an application, an in-character quest gets you into them.
    That's just scratching the surface.

  • I think when you wrote Easthaven you mean Eveningstar.

    Eveningstar Settlers is a huge RP plot right now, with connections to many many other plots, and I suspect has been interwoven into the next part of the metaplot. Our forums are the place to be!

  • Although Easthaven does have a Thang going on - you'll want to contact TheSheep // Grail Rathmore IG to find out about that.
    I suspect it's eeeeeeVIL, too.

  • The Citadel doesn't require an application and only requires a five-minute IG quest to join. The amount of plots available within are ridiculous; both player-driven and serve-wide DM plots. Though it leans heavily towards the lawful side of things, you can play good, neutral, or evil; making it a great choice for many concepts.

    We're rather low on players at the moment, so you'd have plenty of stuff to do! Especially with a new "bad-guy group" popping up every other week…

    /shameless plug

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