The Hatchet's Adventuring Company

  • The Hatchet's Adventuring Company!

    Professional Adventurers, Dungeoneers, Explorers and Daredevils.
    Licensed Portal Testers employed by Archmage Aldek.
    Affilliated Helpers of the Eveningstar Rebuilding Endeavour.

    The Hatchet's Adventuring Company is an Arabel-bourne company of professional adventurers founded by Arabel's own Perigo Hatchet and guided by the tennents of Yondalla's Children.

    The Hatchet's Adventuring Company is currently in the process of contstructing The Great Burrow Hall of Eveningstar, a guildhall and haven for all bold and weary adventurers. Help us finish this endeavour, and bring some joy back this part of Cormyr.

    Do you need a dungeon explored, an artifact recovered, a great evil monster slain? Look no further, pitch your idea for a Great Adventure to one of the Hatchet's Adventurers today!

    Do you need a place to stay, that's refreshing, clean and polite? Need somewhere to call home where you're not put aside for being small? Talk to Perigo Hatchet about settling in Eveningstar. Be part of a proper Community.

    Representatives of The Hatchet's Adventuring Company can be reached at the Sky Spire Inn or the Eveningstar camps, adressed to The Hatchet's Adventuring Company

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