[Open Case] Strange Occurances

  • Hey gang!
    It's me! KiY!

    As most know, I've returned. I apologize for not diving to deep in to game yet, but there is a lot of changes from the last time I was playing, lots of new faces, and lots of new plots.

    Some of ya'll may not know me, or maybe only familiar with my recent Character "Stubbs".

    So what to expect.

    1. Rules adherence and Community Beautification!
      I get really pissy towards rule breakers and people who are generally toxic or jerkish. You can find yourself on the wrong end of the Banhammer. I have banned friends and threatened to ban family - no evil escapes my sight!

    2. Players First.
      I've been there guys. I really have. Sitting on the forums, afraid to post or say something, because another mean NPC is going to scold you for daring to have an original thought. Sure, you will encounter NPC's like that, but I really enjoy having NPC patrons that actually seek to earn the trust and friendship of players, NPCs who react to players with fear, respect, or awe. Them social skillpoints are not lost on me, never be afraid to ask me for a social role. I know everyone ain't that good with talkin' words - so I am not going to hold it against your character if you can't think of what to say when trying to impress the dwarven king. Just don't insult his beard. That shit gets you killed.

    3. Less Fighty more Ploty.
      I'll throw combat at you, but it is likely to test your limits or give you a chance to feel like a bad ass. Normally the end of major events for me will be making a choice. A hard choice. One from which you will not be able to escape the consequences of! What this translates to, I don't care if you are 1st level or 10th level, players should feel welcome to get in on my plots.

    4. Politics, Politics, Politics.
      I see your eyes glazing over. That is fine. If it isn't your cup of tea, that is cool. But I love the political game. I love factions being pitted against each other, but I also look at the deep buried secrets of NPCs and PCs and feel they need to be exposed - or why bother having them as a narrative! Rest assured that if you get involved in my plot, there will be a tie to a faction, involvement with a faction, or be the foci of attention for some political wrangling.

    5. Weird stuff.
      I love the planes, strange locals, and odd ball things. Expect plots to range from Lovecraftian horror to amusing funny stories. I like them all.

    6. Finally - Player Agency
      It should be all about you folks. Your characters. Their stories. Your ideas. I believe the more control players have over the look and feel of the server, the less work for the DM's' and the more fun for everyone. But then again, I also thought it was a crime to remove eating and drinking as requirements to live. So what do I know!

    Anyway, that is me in a nutshell, anyone checking out my previous 'Hey How Ya Doings' are sure to notice maybe a few changes in views and operation. But that is because DMing/GMing/Storytelling whatever you want to call it is an art type, and you refine your skills over time. This is how I feel now, and how I plan on going forward.

    Bad news bears? My far more popular than me Wife and I are currently buying a house. Lots of paperwork, not much free time, so my presence will be slow to get in game to what it used to be.

    Also - Dragon Age Inquisition and Pillars of Eternity take up some time too!

    So, good to be back! Love so many new faces.
    If you cheat, I'll ban your ass.

    Hugs and Kisses!

  • Welcome back!

  • The King is back! All hail the king! Wait… this means I'm at serious risk of getting messed with when I RP while drunk again...

  • This tempts me to play again… Yes precioussss... It doesesssss.

  • Welcome back, King in Yolo!

  • Howdy.

  • @The:

    So, good to be back! Love so many new faces.
    If you cheat, I'll ban your ass.

    Hugs and Kisses!

    Sounds kinky. I'm in!

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