Want to Become a Knight? Sharess seeks Champion(s)!

  • Champion(s) Sought!

    Don't you deserve Respect?
    Aren't you worthy of Prestige?
    Are you dedicated to the idea of free and open civilization?
    Do you hate the idea of bloodstones? Necromancy? Poverty?
    Do you want to become a champion of the people?
    Do you harbor ambitions for knighthood?

    You're worthy of it and we're here to help!

    Sharess's faithful welcome those with an open mind and large heart to approach with their goals! Knights are needed to perpetuate freedom across the land, lead by example and break the chains of monotony; to show the common man that they are worthy of better lives! We're looking for people to become knights of Cormyr and the Citadel!

    If you're tired of standing in the shadows but you have high ideals, we're here to help. Come to us with your goals and ambitions and we will work together with you to get the ball rolling and we'll walk beside you from the moment you step off the caravan to the time your title is finalized!

    This offer is open to anyone willing to put in the effort to achieve their dreams, regardless of race or current social station! You don't need to take Sharess on as your patron, we don't discriminate but we reserve the right to turn away people who're obviously out to do silly, evil things! Banites, Sharans and Cyrsits needn't apply!

    Send your missives to Priestess Tanith Meynold at the Fine Hells to get started!

    All meetings are strictly confidential!

  • We have the armor, we just need a Champion to fill it!

    If you're a person of ACTION and want a patron to back you, Sharess's faithful have acquired a suit of armor belonging to a tyrant and we will consecrate it for a man or woman who proves themselves worthy of Her blessing.

    What you seek is sought in you.

    Call upon me and let's make your dreams a reality.

    Tanith Meynold

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