The Purple Scales Trading Company

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    The Purple Scales Trading Company
    Wants YOU!

    • Are you the woman/man we seek to further unite Cormyr and its trade?

    • Do you swear loyalty to Cormyr and its honourable Nobility?

    • Is your crime record clean as an Tormite's conscience?*

    • Can you follow instructions and solve issues independently?

    Does this match your description? Then you are the one WE need!
    Speak to any member Purple Scales Merchant Company for further information

    Announced the Servants of Lord Dracohorn
    Purple Scales Merchant Company

    *Having served punishment and paid for your crimes, you may still be considered.

  • _> If you wish to join us, join our fight for a better start for your children, for a brighter future, for a just tomorrow!

    Contact Shariel Ravencourt, Squire to Lord Dracohorn at The Fine Hells._

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