• **TODAY, starting roughly 4 pm EDT (GMT-4).

    There will be an open event!

    Open events mean you can invite your friends.

    You can even invite friends to roll up a totally new character
    so they can begin their PCs story in Arabel with a heavy dose of Awesome.

    Keep your eyes peeled for SENDINGS and DM SHOUTS,
    as these signal the beginning of such an event
    like the resounding crack of a starter's pistol.

        • This event will be Blight-related. * * *

    For those of you who do not know,
    "Blight-related" refers to the presence of
    goblins and illithids and fey, oh my!**

  • For those who are too lazy to do time conversions and live on the west coast, it's 1PM PST.

  • Admin [DM]

    9pm UTC +1, aka London time 🙂

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