MEETING: "The illithids are a threat to all of Arabel"


    A grave threat is at our door steps. An enemy that we cannot always see, but can attack the minds of all of us. It must be stopped. And only by the combined efforts of ALL adventurers, from Old Town Dwellers, Advisors, beggars and Nobles all, can we defeat this menace.

    The Plebian Court offers Cynosure, for one night only, to any adventurers, any concerned citizen. Set aside your personal pride, your lust for glory, your need for secrecy. Come, share your knowledge, offer your ideas so that all may follow them. I, Keth, invite you all to the Wild Serpent Inn. Any who do not know how to reach it, can find me, dressed in the White colors of Peace and the Silver of Sehanine, at the Hanse Tree in Old Town, and will provide safe harbor to all who wish to attend.

    I personally invite every advisor, Citadel Agent, Knight of the Realm, even Ambassador Ithlinne, "Voice of The People", to show that the End of The Mind Flayers and their Blue Goblins, is more important than personal feelings. I invite every member of the Court, any individual who wants what is best for Old Town, to attend.

    "Provide the populace with the knowledge to battle their foes". All on the table, no thing left undiscussed.

    Keth, of The People

    OOC: 11PM or so, Thursday, GTM+1

  • I will be there as a mage.

    • Starchild

  • **I shall do my best to be in attendance.
    The threat is to all, it should be opposed by all.

    Cormac MacNulty** ... 00&p1=3903

  • I shall be there, the time for an Inquisition on the illithid and bloodstones is at hand.

    -Sunlord Alistair Varden

  • I will be there as cup holder extraordinaire.


  • ((Pushing it for friday, tomorrow, same time))

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