Suffer in the name of The One Who Endures

  • Suffer in the name of The One Who Endures

    The Broken God, Ilmater, has decreed that there is an end to suffering in The Realms. He has shared this knowlege with his faithful so that we may share it with the world.

    Those who are strong and hardy are asked to endure their suffering, through the ministration of Illmaters faithful, so that the meek and the innocent may be spared.

    Those who are cruel and cause suffering and pain in the innocent, shall be given chance to repent, through willing torment.

    Those who are wicked beyond repair, shall suffer in finality, so that The Realms be spared their plight.

    I - Eadric of Ilmater - challange all Goodly folk of Arabel to unite, and hear the Words of The Crying God. You may contact me within words delivered at the Spire of the Citadel

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