Announcement: The White Wolf

  • _> **Vedui' Arabellians,

    I have been back in this city for almost a month now and I can say much has changed. While one part of the city thrives, another is filled by the helpless and downtrodden, polluted by thugs and criminals. These people see the Citadel's representatives as enemies, controlled by the man who condemns them to poverty…

    With the recent members of the Plebian Court being killed, men who were vile in nature, I have taken it upon myself to join... Not to oppose the Citadel in criminal fashion, but to use my influence to improve the lives of those who cannot help themselves within Old Town.

    This day, I become one just like you, ready to fight for your freedoms and rights. All must be accosted the same chances and all must answer to justice, before the eyes of the Seldarine.

    I encourage others who wish to impact change from within Old Town to join me- Cousins, omealws, those with pure hearts... Together, we can make a difference.

    Together, we will be strong enough to earn those freedoms for all and justice for those who deny it.

    The White Wolf**_

    A paw print is left at the bottom of these posters

  • _Vedui' Arabellians,
    For too long I have allowed the Orcan scourge that took my family, led by Grak'vuk the Mad, to still possibly exist within the Hullack Forest. Tomorrow I ask all my elven companions, brave adventurers, and good hearted folk to join me as we scout the Hullack and search for the hidden lair of Grak'vuk so we can end his scourge within the Hullack once and for all.

    The forest Spirit will have his creatures flourish in safety from this sick taint.

    We will assemble at the East Gates.

    • White Wolf_

    //Tomorrow at 6 PM GMT

  • _> Vedui' Arabellians,

    After capturing an orc from another tribe, we have learned a location where Grak'vuk the Mad and his tribe can often be found. Before the week's end, we will move into the wailing fog to search for the menace and challenge the great orc known by his people as "Indestructible". He will pay for the slaughter he committed against my people twelve long years ago.

    After the orc Gorgu was to be freed, Grail Rathmore slaughtered him mercilessly against my wishes and then attacked my companions. For this, I withdraw any support I have ever offered to Rathmore. His redemption is lost and he is declared deceiver. Too many chances have been accosted and I fear he is finally forsaken.

    Omealwla, Good-hearted people…

    We will draw this foul evil to an end.

    • White Wolf_

    //Thursday, 7:30 PM GMT

  • //due to RL coming up, I will have to postpone this to 8:30 PM or possibly 9 PM GMT.

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