Respect yourself, Join with the Elf

  • –---Posters are plastered throughout Old Town, and sparingly around the Citadel-----


    It seems often there is a rampant dealer of evil and wrong doing. Lives in danger, often ignored by the Citadel in fact. More than once have the agent's been seen deferring their stations to the less capable for convenience. It is unfair for the common man to be expected to fend for themselves against the legions that evil no doubt brings.

    But you do not need to worry, you do not need to make that choice between your life, or your families life. Vaelyn, The White Wolf and emissary of the elves has brought good tidings to you all, and has been a monumental aid in the removal of both "Smurk", "The Bull", and "Krows", all highly regarded as menace by the common man.

    He wears a crown of justice, his heart is resolute and true. The 'Late' Naomi Leblanc, 'Angel of the Pit' herself was a closely regarded friend of his, and her his. His character is unquestionable.

    Respect good, Respect Justice, Respect your family.

    Respect yourself.

    Join with the Elf.

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