The History of House Ravenhorn

  • The History of House Ravenhorn

    Family Members
    Alexander Ravenhorn - 1324 - 1359 – DECEASED
    (Elizabeth [??] Ravenhorn - 1327 - )

    Erik Ravenhorn 1349 -
    (Ivy [Windriver] Ravenhorn 1348 - )

    Elyas Ravenhorn 1371 -
    Alexander Ravenhorn II 1372 -
    Sebastian Ravenhorn 1374 -

    Born to middle-wealth merchant parents in 1324, Alexander Ravenhorn lived a relatively easy upbringing, being afforded an education by hired tutors. Influenced by the nature of the caravan city, Alexander rebelled against his parents’ wishes of following in the family’s footsteps of joining the mercantile trade; instead he took up interest in adventuring and the all the perils that came with it.

    His late teen years saw him joining various amateur adventuring parties. Combatting minor goblin clans, safeguarding caravans, and sharing exaggerated stories made up an average day for the young would-be adventurer. However, come his prime, Alexander would eventually become one of the leading adventurers of the caravan city; no call-to-arms or threat to Arabel was left unanswered by the young Ravenhorn.

    This dedication, ambition, and prowess did not go unnoticed: by 1347, recognizing his contributions to the safety and prosperity of Cormyr’s frontier city, the Crown granted him nobility. Perhaps it was the foundation of House Ravenhorn itself that spawned the family’s adamant belief in “earning your lot.” The young Lord Ravenhorn, shortly after earning his title of nobility, married fellow adventurer, Elizabeth Ravenhorn (no surname found within House records), and a length even shorter after that, the House’s matron would be pregnant with their only son, Erik, who would be born in 1349. It was speculated why the couple only bore one child; speculation that was never clarified.

    Erik Ravenhorn grew up a comparatively easier life than his father; he was trained young in the arts of academics and swordplay. His life would be easy, until 1359, when his father, Lord Ravenhorn, would be struck down by a relatively unknown Orc chieftain within the King’s Forest. His death was considered a travesty by those close to the family, for it was rumored to be arrogance, or perhaps apathy, that allowed the Orcish blade to end a Lord.

    While others would justifiably crumble, it was the ten-year old Lord’s mother who rose to maintain the Ravenhorn’s colors. A notable swordswoman herself, Elizabeth credited not her skill to her training and experience, but rather swore by the grace and teachings of the Red Knight. It was also whispered that she would say her deceased husband’s fate rested on the same facet–a believable rumor, as the boy-Lord would begin soon after his father’s death, studies, both academic and martial, under the guidance of Red Knight faithful and clergy. His closest teacher, however, always remained his mother, even to this day.

    Coming of age, Lord Erik Ravenhorn would venture out, with a group of close-knit retainers and family friends, as his father would do, to combat the threats of Arabel. Goblins, orc, magical beasts, undead; all met his blade. Controversy would later strike the family when Lord Ravenhorn would deny an offer of marriage from another minor family based out of Suzail; some wildly claim he made an incredible mistake, for the girl, “if not Sune herself, would have even the most humble goddess envious.” Others claim the young Lord incredibly naïve for denying her hand as it would have boosted the influence of his House tremendously.

    Shortly after this, controversy would continue when Lord Erik Ravenhorn decided to marry a mere farm-hand: Ivy Windriver. Skeptics would later laugh that the Lord must have had a plan all along, for the farm-hand turned noblewoman would birth three boys; the first in 1371, Elyas; the second in 1372, Alexander II; and the youngest in 1374, Sebastian.

    Come the birth of his final son, Lord Ravenhorn would retire from his adventuring career, some claiming he feared his father’s fate. Since its inception, the House strayed clear of politics as much as it could, however, this strict neutrality intensified during the trials-and-tribulations that Arabel would face between 1376 and 1382.

    This brought up whispered questions about the legitimacy of the Ravenhorn House and them “earning their lot.” Worse would come in the year of 1382, when Lord Erik Ravenhorn would make the decision to evacuate his family, consisting of his mother (Elizabeth), his wife (Ivy), and his three young sons (Elyas, Alexander II, and Sebastian) to Suzail just before the events of the Primordial Beast. The family was met with mixed feelings; some understood, expressing that it was only logical to do such; others, however, harshly criticized the family for abandoning them in their time of need. Nowadays, those of Arabel barely recognize the family’s name, as their only motivation has been to rebuild what was lost.

    The Lord of the House, Erik Ravenhorn, still presides in Suzail. The eldest son, Elyas Ravenhorn, is noted for his bravery and his devotion to loyalty. Befittingly, he serves out of the capital as a Purple Dragon officer. The middle son, Alexander Ravenhorn II, though being characterized as rather quiet and introverted, bears a clear affinity for the arcane, which he studies within the House’s estate. Judging by his affiliations and his choice to remain at the family’s estate, it wouldn’t be far off to guess his desires lie with joining the ranks of the powerful War Wizards. The youngest, Sebastian Ravenhorn, is easily described as the wildcard of the family. Easily identified by his fiery ambition and firm demeanor, he is the only Ravenhorn to make trek to what he openly considers the “family’s rightful home and obligation,” Arabel, despite rumor of protest from the Lord of the House.

    As Lord Erik Ravenhorn begins reaching the peak of age, one thing is clear: the House of Ravenhorn is due for a new Lord. However, with all three brothers so vastly different, yet similar in age, it is unclear which of the three sons will occupy the House’s leading seat.

    But remember, as is family tradition:

    A Ravenhorn must earn his lot…

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