Prophecy of Bhreskan Point

  • [Alistair begins searching for information regarding Bhreskan point or the Profit Bhreskan. If no other information is found, he beings his own research with what he knows to be formulated into a more formal document in the future. He also asks if anything has been publish on "Chronomancy" or "Time Magic"]

    • Fanatical Cult of Amaunator, during the last days of Netheril

    • Frozen in time in the ancient ruins

    • Believed blood sacrifice would bring the new age of man

    • Believed in the rebirth of Amaunator

    • Cult members in the area tend to practice necromancy

  • [Upon further research, of the [url=/forum/viewtopic.php?t=155451&p=893483&hilit=Amaunator#p893483]following volume, Alistair adds to his personal research for his future documentation and asks if there are any similar tomes]

    -Bhreskan point held Faithful to Amauantor. It is possible the sealing of Lyss lead to the sacrifice of Amauantor's power and the freezing of Bhreskan point in that moment of time.
    -Tyche, a goddess from ancient Netheril, was restored when the essence of Besheba and Tymora came in contact with the rift
    -The shadowvar may hold the key to closing the rift

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