New CoA DM?

  • Around December there was lots of talk about a new CoA DM. When Echo came on board, every one was excited and for good reason. Echo has been a great addition to the DM team and I have enjoyed every interaction with her thus far.

    Even still with Echo active though, I feel there is a lack of DM presence IG.

    Puffy and Echo are really the only two DMs active IG, with Hominid's school schedule being crazy and other DMs being busy with life.

    Perhaps it's time to take on another DM?

    I for one would love to see one or even two more DMs join the team. There has been a noticeable increase in player numbers lately, normally around 15 or more when I log in, so it would be awesome to see an increase in DM presence.

    What does the rest of the CoA community think?

  • I've been seeing Puffy, Echo, Hominid and the occasional Conquistador. It's seems early in the morning and late at night there isn't one on. But I'm not on often those times so it works out for me.

  • I saw Connie pop in recently as well and was very excited to see him around, but I definitely would not consider him active. Lizard has been out for some time as well and Moloch pops in every now and then. Zool is kept busy with work life and other games and it just seems like we could use another bump in DM presence, especially with numbers picking up!

    I know the characters I had the most fun on were ones I played when DM presence was at a height, allowing for tons of NPC-PC interaction and lots of plot and story pursuit.

  • We did have a talk about getting more dms when the latest addition was on it's way. But at that time the dm-team weren't eager to have more dms. I hope they are now because one dm wasn't enough at that time imo.

  • Speaking as a former DM.

    Bringing a new DM in is always a hard thing to do. It typically means removing from the player base a very active player. More often then not, the recruitment of a DM can mean a sudden void in IG activity, particularly now that 15 is considered busy.

    Honestly, when I returned, I was stunned at the level of DM activity. I've seen no shortage of DM interaction and events. And the current team seems very quick to respond to things. I would think, given the current player base, a new DM may not be such a hot idea. But, then, the only people that really appreciate the work load are the current active dm's.

    The DM Treehouse could just be filled with the Tears of Puffy these days.

  • @Terris:

    The DM Treehouse could just be filled with the Tears of Puffy these days.

    So sad 😢
    Say it ain't so Puffy!

  • DM activity seems fine to me. DMing you bunch of bums is hard work and the team is doing a fine job

  • I'd love to have 2 DMs always online! Reality says no.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    We are always looking for new DMs but as the others say, there is a lot that goes into the decision. It's not just whether we like someone or that they're a good player.

  • I volunteer for the task. It suits my week on/week off schedule much better than playing ever could 😉

    My campaign starts now and my first promise is to lower the average level of the server by 2,3 through uber risky, highly rewarding, very deadly DM quests!!!!

    More campaigning to come!


  • I'm certain it does not matter, but for what it's worth, I'd volunteer to DM. I like watching others have fun and I think it might be a nice look for me. Again, I know the DM team probably does not choose based on volunteers, but my play times are normally, though far from always, DM free. Just sayin.

  • And the point of the thread was probably not gathering volunteers.

  • Fun fact. Volunteering often moves you down on the list. ##insidersecrets

  • In that case I reconsider my previous opinion and think now that the thread is very much for volunteers, right?

  • Anyway. Back on topic. I think things seem fine. The DMs are the best judges of when a new DM should be recruited. Trust me. So much happens behind the scenes.

  • Terris has a big point. Making a new DM costs us a player. Not saying it is not worth it. Just saying there will be a cost.

    I remember when we had a lot more active DMs and to be honest, I see almost as much DM presence now as we had back then. Just goes to show how hard they are working these days. I do get a lot fewer tells asking how I ended up in the fugue this time. For me, that is the biggest difference.

    Like Zool said, 2 always online would be awesome. But just not ever going to happen. I think we need to figure on ways for the DMs we have to get their presence felt more when they are not online( without making them pull all nighters or quit thier paying jobs).

  • It appears my comment was actually taken seriously O.o It was not supposed to be so!

  • I know i haven't been very active over the last month or so, but V5 has felt the same as V3 and V2 for me (I missed V4) when it comes to DM presence. If anything, i feel it more now that there are fewer players than their used to be.

    I think the DM team is just fine how it is, and the whole "Too many cooks spoil the broth" saying could be applicable, as the more DMs involved, the harder it is to manage things.

  • @CitizenBane:

    It appears my comment was actually taken seriously O.o It was not supposed to be so!

    Carefull what you wish for, even in Jest 🙂

  • At certain timezones it's rly lacking even when there are 10+ players online. I remember with my last pc going out on several events but couldn't rly progress much in plots due to dm inactivity (and I did send pics). And when first you have done 5 plot pursuing events without any dm showing up, the ppl along lose interest as no dm never shows up. I know you shouldn't be relying 100% on dms but I find a lot on nwn stale if there's no occasional dm, and I might as well play a different game because what makes the fun for me is the intrigue and dm-supervision, which provides a lot more dynamic to this seemingly static game.

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