Announcements from the Ly-Tel-Quessir

  • _> Vedui' Arabellians,

    Firstly, I would like to announce our quest against the orcan scourge in the Hullack continues. The people of Thunderholme have felt the brunt of their forces and their loss will not be in vain. Look for my sendings in Arabel to join the White Wolf on these hunts.

    Pieces of Myrkandite and other rare metals are being sought to forge a greatblade to be consecrated in the eyes of the Seldarine to be used in culling the orcan tribes. If you have information or these rare items, I am paying heavy bounties for such.

    Bottled fey and bloodstones remain illegal in my eyes. If you wish to earn a small bounty for these contrabands, I will pay 50 gold for every one returned to my hands to be disposed of. If you use them, you will be punished.

    I am also seeking alchemy recipes so that I may one day brew the Elixir of Life to free my feykin from their prisons.

    I hope to hear from good hearted adventurers soon in aiding my cause.

    Vaelyn Aglaron, Child of the Ly-Tel-Quessir_

  • _> The hunts against the orcan scourge continue deep within the forests of the ancient homeland of my ancestors tomorrow.

    We will set out to cleanse the lands of any and all orcs that lurk within, while pursuing the hunt for rare metals to forge a blade. If such metals are found, other rarities will be forfeit to those that join me.

    The White Wolf_

    //Thinking around 4 PM tomorrow -4 GMT for those interested.

  • _> People of Arabel, rejoice!

    The murderer known as Smurk has answered to the justice of the Citadel, Old Town, and the Seldarine.

    His evil shall no longer taint these lands. Consider this a warning to all those who seek to murder and destroy, to abuse bottled fey-cousins and bloodstones, justice will find all.

    The White Wolf_

  • _> Vedui' Arabellians

    Cousins, wildwalkers, friends of the forest and Tel-Quessir… The time has come.

    We must unite ourselves in Arabel as one under one name and one banner. Together we will stand united and strong, alone we will fall to Darkness.

    Those of the Seldarine and other goodly gods must seek me out. Soon we shall open Elfholme and find the Staff of Ilmater to cleanse these lands in the name of Justice.

    Send letters if you wish to join me as an equal, fighting for freedoms and good in these lands.

    The White Wolf_

  • Vyils of the Tel-Quess

    _> We are protectors of the elven people and culture. We will see our place in Arabel prosper. We will stand strong and united as one. Currently four Tel-Quess have officially joined me and now you can too…\

    Seek out Vaelyn Aglaron the White Wolf to become a Guardian of the Tel-Quess and serve in a group of equals united to one front._

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