Horgar's screenies

  • I took far fewer than i would've liked… here's the few i have worth posting.

    Bravery XP and telling dobby's dragonborn politely what he thinks of him

    Followed by insanity

    Horgar apologizes with all his heart

    Abuse peasants and receive rewards by the sadistic Hominid!

    My personal favourite moment of Horgar's lifespan… when he made Wynton drink Sewage because Wynton once beat him in a drinking contest!

    And a couple of his end

  • Horgar was an AWESOME plot buddy CB. I have not had that much fun, since the plotting of me and Lizard in the Bhaliir era. I really enjoyed using, and being used, by Horgar. Kudos.

  • Needs moar screenies!

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