Announcement Merciful Death

  • The Merciful Death has Decreed

    The Church of Ilmater has moved beyond alleviating the suffering of those who live. Given the finite amount of pain within the plane, the church will now offer executions of mercy. High Templar Pata will see to it that those who suffer beyond relief be released, and with their departure, their suffering goes with them. A FINAL solution. Volunteers laid to rest will have family members reimbursed a sum of one-hundred coins, thus enabling them to sacrifice themselves and relieve the suffering of their families.

    Suffer In His Name and Be Rewarded

  • The Merciful Death Has Decreed

    Today, the first call to martyrdom will be made. Volunteers will be selected on the merit of their claims to martyrdom and their surviving kin reimbursed 100 gold coins. This most holy event will be overseen by Ilmater himself and High Templar Pata.

    Suffer In His Name and be Rewarded

  • The Merciful Death has Decreed

    All prizes won through the contest found by the Merciful Death will be donated to Temple of Truths. A sum of one-thousand coins now flows into the once depleted coffers of the temple. Darmos is risen and the new revelation of Ilmater is upon us.

    Suffer in his name and be rewarded

  • The Merciful Death Decrees

    Sebastian Dalton has been martyred! A Hero who carries his suffering off this plane to aid his ill Grandchild! Praise his name, for his sacrifice is just as worthy as any made. The one known as momma currently has care of his grandson, and is willed his remaining items as well as one-hundred gold coins to ease the burden of caring for his surviving kin. Call out to Templar Pata, and receive that which he has left for you and his grandson.

    Suffer In His Name and Die Mercifully

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