Magus Kyros the Bootlicker

  • Anyone having issues with the former red magus Kyros would be smart to verbally insult him now. The fat blob has been neutered and now kisses the boots of Tobias the Grey. He is afraid what will happen to him if he lashes out. Tobias will spank him. He is now in the same position as his slave dragonman, unable to do as he please in fear of punishment from the one whose boot he is forced to lick to survive. Even a duergar is sad to see the fall of such a proud magus, now forced to eat any ratshit tossed his way or perish. Is that any way to live former magus? Come to me and i'll make your end swift and painless! It does not become you to be forced to scrape out a living in the shit, relying on the mercy of others!

    -Agent Horgar

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