The Angel of the Pit.

  • A banner, stitched of white cloth with red lettering, hangs from one of the higher ruins of Old Town. It dangles in the wind, almost defiantly, in an effort to be seen by as many as it can be.

    _Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your hungry, your sick,
    Your hopeless masses yearning for freedom,
    The forgotten of your teeming ruins.
    Send these, the homeless, the lost, to me.

    For their safety, for charity,
    For plenty, for healing,
    For the impossible promise of a better world,
    As long as there is faith,
    There will always be the light.

    Old Town is not Forgotten.
    It is not lost.
    It is not hopeless.
    Neither are you.


  • Below the cared for banner, among the usual charitable offerings, several postings can be found.

    _The Light is Known to Us.
    The Staff's Location is Ours.
    Do Not Surrender to Despair.
    Do Not Let Your Song be Written by Others.
    Rise Above Fear, and Hate.

    Those Who Count Yourself As Friends,
    The Pure of Power,
    The Noble of Heart,
    Gather To Me,
    The Ritual Will Be In One Week's Time._

  • _As the Light Shines,
    The Truth is Clear,
    The Rat Scurries to Darkness.

    It is never strength to turn to darkness,
    To turn away from the light is no salvation,
    The chance always exists to turn away from evil paths.
    Redemption is a road with no gates,
    But it is a road that must be traveled by the willing.

    No one can force evil to atone.
    But the option remains until one's last breath.

    One Coin, One Tail.
    To be paid to all who hunt the rats,
    Leave not one servant of Talona
    Leave not one carrier of disease._

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