• We need to be really careful we don't over power quests.

    We are not all experienced players, who know all the ins and outs of NWN systems and/or game play.

    I just did the Orc farm land quest, which has always been hard but with what ever changes have been made it was impossible to complete with the characters online. ( even thought we meet the quest requirements )

    Players will stop doing quests that are deemed to be a death trap or use way to many potions/healing with little reward.

    It is hard enough to get a party to do a quest, outside normal playing times.

    I dont know if it is something with spawns over the server but I had 6 Chieftains Troll hit me and died in under a minute yesterday and have died three time in the last 24-48 hours. Which has not happened in the past.

    I know death happens and I accept this but when you are die due to an abnormal spawn or an unbalanced quest/spawn, it does get a bit hard to continue or have fun ( which is the reason why we play ).

    All I can ask is that you please take care, which I know you are trying to do.

    Please just take this as feedback on what has happen.

  • Thanks for the feedback Dalek,

    I'd point out to you the same response I gave to someone who PM'ed me, but summarized.

    1). Waves Against the Grain has never been well-balanced.
    2). No orc had its CR increased, all changes kept them the same power level.
    3). All orcs drop potions now to offset their increased damage.
    4). All orcs have the same strength and vulnerabilities that any player who uses their same gear would have.
    5). Some creatures may need adjustments down due to unforeseen interactions created by how they were adjusted–the DM team is happy to make those changes if they're pointed out to us.

    Again---as I explained already about the Troll Chieftains---the odds of getting that is about 1:10,000 if not more. I already moved the spawn points further from the exit so they can be more chance to avoid anything that spawns in that point. The troll chieftain spawn has had the same odds of spawning last week as it has had for the last year if that gives you any idea on how rare it must be. I've also gone and decreased the odds of it spawning even further.

    Please realize, the DM team is listening. These recent changes were because we got constant feedback that some things were too easy, foes were stagnant, people wanted more strategy and risk--obviously that all takes adjustments to hit the right range for everyone and that means we need specific feedback from players such as you to help us.

    So thanks.

  • Thank you for taking the time to listen


  • @Mr.Moloch:

    3). All orcs drop potions now to offset their increased damage.

    Are they supposed to be drinking these potions?
    I've encountered a few spawns and they did unless you get them from Injured to Dead without them getting a chance to act.

  • Yes, spawns are supposed to drink their potions. It's supposed to be an extra bonus that you get them if you kill them quick enough.

  • They've always drank the potions, but now they actually drop them too. They didn't use to.

  • Wait till I get them using healing wands and fireball wands :twisted:

  • Tower

    pls no

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