Public Service Announcement: Orc Quests

  • Hi guys, just an FYI,
    Please avoid Waves Against the Grain, Orc Camp, and Mertoi unless you really know what you're doing.
    They can be really really hard now, even for a very well equipped party.
    I am sure the DMs are still tweaking the balance, so please watch out if you do decide to jump on an orc quest!
    Oh, and please remember to send balancing feedback if you see harsh spawns, in quest or while exploring.
    That is how DMs know there are problems.

  • This isn't actually a very helpful or even kind post.

    Please do not encourage people to not enjoy the quests or server.

    Report bugs, discuss specific concerns, let us fix them. However, don't tell people not to do quests or spread the "rumor mill" that they're death traps because then people really do just stop doing them and they will refuse to do them for months or years after we fix them because all they heard were the rumors and never saw a bug report and saw that the bug was fixed.

  • Last time I checked, the only player I remember dying on that quest was the OP!

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