Purple Scales Trading Company, Recruiting!

  • Admin [DM]

    The Purple Scales Trading Company is seeking worthy entrepreneurs to secure the Northern Trade Routes for Humanity! Fight against the Orcan menace, the Banditry of anarchists, and open the route to Thunderholme!

    ~Prior Affiliation is not a disqualification. You can be an adviser, or member of some adventuring troupe and still join!
    ~Criminal History is discouraged, but if you paid for your crimes, it can be overlooked.
    ~A proper attitude and demeanor toward Nobility is required, as they are our patrons.
    ~Ability to follow instructions is a must, able to solve problems is an Absolute!

    Speak to Squire Guillomane Albaric For Details on employment and possible trade deals.

    ~Squire Guillomane Albaric
    In service to Lord Dracohorn
    Purple Scales Merchant Company

  • Admin [DM]

    [These begin to resurface]

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