Taking OOC courtesy to the permanent storages

  • Just putting this as a notice here.

    Ever since I started playing in V5 I've noticed that DMs have really went through the effort of placing some "free for all" permanent storages out and around the server. This is a really cool addition, as its a chance for solo adventurers and poor advisors' to get more space in their inventory, or using it to keep a record of things gathered by a certain faction/group. It also grants an additional spice with thief-type characters the open opportunity to explore and possibly steal said items, creating interesting conflict out of it!

    Lately, I've noticed that "stealing" has become more of a thing. I see myself putting stuff to the advisor storage and seeing said stuff being sold by some other council member the very next day. Something which is fine and dandy, but I feel it's started to drain on usability of said storages' when people constantly go there to blatantly take whatever they find, caring little on how much time someone had devoted in securing said items.

    Now, I'm not saying stealing is a bad thing. If it's IC it's IC, and I'm all for it. And heck, the public storages' literally SCREAM that it's free for the taking. But as a player, you should ensure that by taking stuff that someone else has put there, you are not taking it out of OOC greed, but because it's IC for the character. Leaving those little crumbs of bread for whoever you stole the things from wont hurt the roleplay, as it would open the opportunity for confrontation on the matter. And because it's basic OOC courtesy.

    Today, someone took something from a storage and didn't leave said breadcrumbs, and I wont deny feeling disheartened about it. Still, I am taking this IC and hope that you will too.

    So, OOC courtesy, is all I ask, folks. Cheers!

  • Yeah when I was in the court I put a bunch of stuff in the chest and it got stolen almost immediately. After that I just stopped using it

  • It is what it is. I suppose you could think of them as an advanced charity chest, or try and police it IC

  • Yeah. Its a good feature and can be used for conflict if played out properly. Like gDarDog, I will simply stop using them, because I have no interest making posts about stuff like this.

  • the faction chests are as you say often like advanced charity chests, but with the forum back up of being able to say 'this is mine don't nick it'.

    the containers about the server are really useful for dropping off loot for store but by definition they are at risk sites as they don't have npcs of your faction watching over them for you, or the 'bases' that have a degree of time required to break the wards down, learn the passages, etc

    my maskarn deliberately used the permenant storage items about the server to drop plot items for others to find and so propagate his story.

  • Anything put in these "public storages" is by default, finders keepers, so there's not much to do about stuff going missing, except ICly find out who took it and beat them up. Personally, I've always been a fan of Zool's Rule, as written out in cadiz_stoker's forum signature.

  • -Joins faction full of brigands, thieves, rebels, and cultists.

    -Complains when people swipe their stuff in their collective storage that doesn't have their name on it.

  • Faction loot can be controlled if you have a trustworthy group of folks in the faction,
    start a list in your forums of what you've put in, and what you take out.
    Howver, if its like Handels group , lotsa Luck 🙂

  • IC or not, I feel bad about clearing said chests of junk littering around.

  • My character can and has taken from the faction chest. If it is not important enough to keep on your person, it is not important enough to clog up my chest -I use "my" loosely, as my character is a self-entitled prick- so that happens and I try to keep within the personality of my character. I have never had anything of mine taken, because I do not burden my character with so much armor and crap that I am -forced- to store things just so I can walk around. I mean, Darmos plate in a chest? Taking up a whole slot? Who the hell said to themselves "this is rare, hope no one takes it from the chest."

    if you did say that you yourself, let me assure you, it is not rare.

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