Announcements from the Doombringers

  • [Posted around Old Town]

    Those found attempting to murder Wynton Durwood will be tried for treason against the People of Old Town, and Hung.

    The Thayans Kyros and his Dragon-Slave are banished from Old Town on pain of an arse kicking, complete humiliation, and time in the "stocks."

  • Old Town Fears No Citsline Trap!
    The Sewers are free roaming.
    The Thing will harm none in Old Town.
    We will fight what Hardcastle Fears.
    The Citadel is Scared. The Citadel is Shite.
    The Grey Knight

  • Kryos and Drakh are Protected.
    For one Fort-night.
    They will then face Trial at the Hands of the Grey Knight.
    They will be Judged.

  • @Posted:

    Smurk is Protected.
    For striking a terrible blow to the Castle's forces.
    Any who come after him will be beat down and taken captive.
    They will be Judged.

  • @Posted:

    The Dwarves are Protected.
    From the prosecution of Horgar the Hated
    None shall be harmed in the streets of Old Town.
    We all will be Judged.

  • @Posted:

    The time for a Unified Arabel is Now!
    The Citadel wishes for us to fight among ourselves.
    Unite under the banner of the Old Town Militia
    Fight for your right to live!

  • Tower


    The Three Thunders call!

    Vengeance shall be had upon the Elf known as Ereb for his crimes against the Court.
    His crimes are:

    Murder of a Duke of the Court.
    Refusal to stand trial.

    He shall be hunted like the coward he is and brought to justice.

    • Doombringer Durwood

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