Tip of the Hat - Mertois optional (Moloch?)

  • Wow. What a quest.

    Ran this with a full party tonight. It's probably the most enjoyable and most challenging quest I've experienced on CoA to date. Really awesome, so much fun. I had done it once previously but this time we did it to completion. It was a blast. So much death, so much destruction, and a real TEST! I would absolutely love to see more quests with insanely difficult optionals added on with fantastic loot to balance risk factor.

    I offer only a small suggestion, that the implosion be removed from the Balor's cast list, as it can't be protected from by death ward. Thanks again for such an epic quest.

  • I had to pull out all the big guns to survive, especially after my hammer exploded XD

    Loved it.

    I do agree with implosion though, make it death spells instead, since it cannot be blocked.

  • I already removed implosion from baler princes spell list. It was called balor prince right? If it was just called balor, that's the problem.

  • Balor, minor, price and normal balor were all casting it

  • I think there was Balor Prince, Balor Lesser, and summoned balor and they all cast it yeah.

  • After surviving Mertoi Optional, you will feel more manly than Chuck Norris (I think I grew a beard and roundhouse kicked my dog after that last room.)

    The XP is small though, I got 500 or so at lvl 9/10.

  • Make the outside of the mine a resting area or somewhere inside the mine. It's rly needed.

    Might consider increasing the lvl range from 5.9 to 5-10.

  • Admin [DM]

    The Prince was one I renamed (and buffed to the nines). The others (Lessor and Summoned) were normal spawns for the quest.

  • There will be no "resting" before you take the optional harder parts of quests (the thing is designed with the idea you already fought through one horde of monsters if you 'rested up' I'd have to redesign the whole thing).

    Likewise, if it allowed in level 10s I'd have to redesign the whole thing to take into account spells that are used at that level range.

    But otherwise, thanks, glad you liked it.

  • All of the containers in the optional part (except for the barrels in the room with 3 huts) were broken since they were all filled with terribad loot (Glittering necklaces, copper rings, 2-30 gold).

    Other than that: AWESOME

  • Seemed fine for me except for the fact that one balor summoned another balor and that some of the loot tables were broken.

  • Need to swap the resref for that balor to the balor prince then I reckon Moloch.

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