Sewers off limit to the general public!

  • By order of the citadel, the city's sewers are hereby made off limits to the general public because of the dangerous monsters below that have been roused lately.

    Those who wish to walk below need to aquire a sewer pass from advisor Rathmore! The advisor will post the details on these passes as quickly as he is able! Trespassers in violation of this will be fined and put in the stocks as an warnig to others!

    Advisor Rathmore is to be considered deputized when encountered in the city sewers and adventurer scum are obligated to treat him as they would an agent when encountered there. (As his normal self)

    -Agent Horgar

  • A poster is soon added beneath the notice…

    Denizen of Arabel,

    The sewer is now an official remit of the Citadel Council. The Agents of Arabel have wisely decided to continue spreading their influence there, to fight back the scourge of the legendary monster known officially as – THE THING. This has been largely due to the evidence _brought to surface f_rom a number of investigations by the rat of the council.

    Due to the severe nature of the danger it poses, any and all trespassers showing negligence, ignorance or otherwise reluctance of the order can and will be, in their actions, convicted for at least an attempted murder of any and all denizen of our beloved city, and shall be punished accordingly, the least of which being a serious offense.

    “If guilty of Serious Crime the accused must work in The Pit for no less than a day's worth of ore, fines may apply”
    ~ The Arabellian Laws of 1393

    Sewer permits are handed out to the brave of Arabel, who are considered liable and worthy of trust by the appointed officials, to patrol the sewer in the name of the citadel. For each normal permit, a fee of 50 gold is the tariff collected by the officials. The gold gathered will be used to further expand the citadel capabilities.

    A sewer permit is a distinctive safeguard, and cannot be used by any other denizen. If lost, please see to a new permit obtained from the appointed officials. Personnel without permits will be treated equally as any offender.

    Adventurers that go beneath legally are also reminded to pray to the mistress of disease before entering, so as to not further provoke Talona and returning with her curse, endangering all of Arabel.

    The following is a list of adventurers currently possessing a sewer permit.

    Horgar the Greyskin, Agent of Arabel
    Grail Rathmore, Sewer deputy
    Logan Clement, archeologist
    Faye Kendt, Squire of Dame Ariadne Greyhorn

    Keep your eyes open on those who would see us all endangered by their reckless attitude. A “Rats fee” is a partial of the fine issued onto the criminal, given to the loyal denizen, who point out these offenders of the law who choose to go below without a permit**. Evidence must be presented**.

    May my squeaks be heard,
    -Advisor Rathmore

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