Prominent notices all over Arabel

  • TIRED of sitting around the Spire or drinking in Shylock's, wishing to find glory?

    WASTING AWAY doing mindless jobs for petty gold?

    NEEDING to find something that involves excitement, adventure, and intrigue?

    Well then join the Crazy Eights today !!!

    We are now hiring and operational. The founder of the Crazy Eights, Jack Silver, is seeking like minded people to serve to their own natural whims as adventurers- to ADVENTURE!

    We will explore the depths of the Underdark,
    We will traverse great dungeons and learn of their hidden secrets,
    We will recover lost relics and display them once a base of operations has been established,

    We WILL actively do what adventurers are SUPPOSED to do.

    If you have the guts or the desire to reach for greatness… If your nose can smell an opportunity like mine...

    Contact Jack Silver at the Fine Hells and learn that all your wildest adventuring dreams will soon come TRUE!

  • **We currently have 6 members and continue to grow! Don't delay, get rich today!

    • Handsome Jack Silver**

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