Looking for players

  • I plan to start putting forward a storyline and plot that's peculated for awhile in my brain.

    I'd likely be running semi-regular events one one/or more of the following (and occasional random ones outside these time periods).:

    Tuesdays 1:30 EST to 5:30 PM EST
    Sunday 6:30 to 10 PM EST
    Friday between 10 AM EST to 2 PM EST

    I'm going to see what works best for people, if you are interested and can make 1 or more of those times, respond below. Existing characters can work, if you're thinking about a new character that can work too. I may even run for opposing groups who can influence the outcome of this plot in various directions.

  • All of this works for me, though might be late to Tuesdays.

  • I can only make Sundays, the other times I am working.

  • @Khamal:

    I can only make Sundays, the other times I am working.

    T_T ditto…

  • I'll return to CoA after my LoL break to be playing around those times, if not all.

  • Friday seems possible for me.

  • *Looking for victims

  • I can make these times, except early on Fridays.

    Edit: Actually, Sundays are tricky for me, but if it's late enough, I could conceivably swing it.

  • Tuesdays and fridays aree excellent for me.

  • I should be able to make ti occasionally.

  • sundays best but I might be able to find time on Tuesdays if they are slow at work

  • Saturday's and Sunday's work for me.

  • Friday and sunday for me!

  • Id be hit and miss, but count me in for most except fridays

  • Judging by the amount of interest, I think this could wind up turning into two separate events. (Plus I have two plot idea now.)

    So I think I may go for one story that I'll try to tell on Sunday nights.

    The second story I'll aim for the folks who can make Tuesdays (and sometimes Fridays).

    So what I'd like to do at this point is to kind of organize because I want to talk over the two groups what kinds of characters would be most appropriate for the stories I want to tell with you guys.

    So for folks who can only make Fridays (Handel, Zaviron, Ostheim, Dripster13, Olouth) let's try to meet up in IRC on this Friday around noon EST (I'd world clock this but am lazy.)

    The Sunday crowd (Dobby, Khamal, CB, falonthas, lordsland, Dedagin), we can aim to meet in IRC around 8:30 PM EST.

    And there' still room if people want to get in on these events. My partner is in roller derby, when she's off skating, I'd like to run some D&D. If you can not make these IRC chats (but typically could make these times to play) let me know and I'll fill you in separately.

  • I was sick and napped right through noon. Maybe it'll be easier if people just catch me in IRC. 😉

  • Looking to host an IRC chat for those interested in the Sunday stuff in an hour.


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