Announcements of the Embassy of Myth Drannor

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    _Vedui'iler Citizens of Arabel,

    ~Ithlinneia Evaliir Rua'darness~
    ~Quendë en Myth Drannor~_



  • _When Lord Iliphar crowned King Faerlthann I, he admonished him to recognize the rights of the elves to hunt within its domains. Over nine hundred years later, Lord Othorion would lead a Wild Hunt into Cormyr, routing the goblins and orcs of the Witchlords who were about to defeat the army of King Galaghard III. Thus, by ancient and established custom that dates back to the founding of Cormyr, Tel'Quessir have had the right to hunt where ever they please.

    Currently, there is a dispute between Lord Hardcastle and King Azoun V over the Hullack. The late Lord Wyvernspur deeded the title to the land to King Azoun upon his death, while Lord Hardcastle claims the lands under the laws of primogeniture. The Hullack however, is a primordial forest, and has a mind of its own. It chooses its own Guardian, and so far, has found none who are worthy.

    The Embassy seeks Oath Takers and Pathfinders who wish to step up, and prove themselves worthy of the mantle, which is heavy indeed. The Hullack needs a Guardian, to safeguard it for future generations and the prosperity of Cormyr.

    Will it be you?_

  • _**Be it known to all, that Rycii the Deceiver, Kelkara's Bane, for agreeing to sacrifice one of her own companions in order to save herself, for malice and duplicity and egregious action, is declared Dhaerow by the Embassy of Myth Drannor, and the Shrine of the Seldarine. Let no Tel'Quessir consort with her, render her aid, or give succor to her. She is anathema. Be warned, she is skilled in the art of lies, and serves neither Justice nor Torm.

    In light of recent developments, the Embassy of Myth Drannor offers a reward of ten thousand gold pieces, to the person or persons who are instrumental in defeating the Mind Flayers and halting the bottling of fey, for they have murdered thousands of Seelie and Unseelie Fey, and have spread the horrid Helmlands deep into Hillsmarch, and seek to spread it further. There is no safety to be had whilst they continue their Conquest of Cormyr, for even a Knight of Cormyr, safely ensconced in the Spire of Maleen was defeated and driven mad by their power.**_

  • _It is said that Tel'Quessir often move slowly, that we view things in terms of decades and centuries, rather than months and years. This is true, for our lifespans are marked by length, owing to the Grace of Corellon Larethian. In times past, we have been aided by those who have become dear to us, and they never received the recognition that they were due.

    Memory is fleeting, even in the era that we all live in, and achievements of the past are quickly forgotten by the passage of time. Victories once celebrated are cast aside and put into doubt by those who have had no inkling of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been sacrificed to obtain hard-won and painful achievements.

    Therefore, so that we do not forget.

    For their efforts against the Wheat King, for piecing together the story of his original demise, and ultimately for defeating him at Myth Drannor that he may never rise again. For restoring the Sacred and Holy Pool of Eldath from its befouled state, and cleansing it of the taint of undeath and of the foul blight of the Beastlord.

    Myth Drannor awards the title of Sha'Tel'Quess, Elf-Friend, to Elodie Duskwood, Cormac MacNaulty and Dame Mang Lei Yin Kelkara Tallstag.

    Forever will Myth Drannor honor the sacrifices they have made on behalf of all Tel'Quessir.
    You will always be welcome in our homes and in our hearts._

  • _The Claw of Sunset has drawn to a close upon these lands of Annundor, and as Tarsakh ascends, the Claw of Storms rears its head. Many have tried to remove the corruption that had defiled that place of wonder and peace that is the Pool of Eldath, yet it was a human, flawed, but a shining example of what it meant to be human. Cormac understood that it was only through sacrifice and hardship that he could help other people. He had stood by, helpless against more primal, more violent powers, but he never gave up in the face of adversity, and he finally did what no one else could.

    We mourn the passing of Cormac MacNaulty, the Greenleaf Priest of Silvanus, Sha'Tel'Quess, who sacrificed so much to cleanse the Holy and Sacred Pool of Eldath of the malicious taint that lingered for over ten years upon it. He is and was worthy of being Sha'Tel'Quess, and we pray that his sacrifices at the Pool of Eldath continues to sanctify it, even as the cycle of life continues onwards, just as Cormac would have wanted.

    We remember Him._

  • _In support of our Friends in Thunderholme, and in the interest of promoting trade and commerce, Myth Drannor has hired the Hatchet Adventuring Company to escort the Ale Caravan to Arabel! All adventurers are welcome as we bring the ale to Arabel.

    Afterwards, Drinks are on the house!_

  • _Myth Drannor deeply regrets the fall of the Dwarven Holdfast of Thunderholme. Thunderholme has long been a source of many a stout dwarf, who have contributed to the well-being of Cormyr. Over the last fifteen years, hard times have fallen on Thunderholme, and it has struggled to survive. Duergar, Aberrations and many other monsters have lain siege to Thunderholme in dark times, and the stoutness of the dwarves not withstanding, they did not weather crisis as well as Arabel have. The Sembian embargo has mortally hurt carriage trade between Arabel and Yhaun, which were gateways between Cormyr and Sembia, and a quietness has fallen on Thunderholme since then.

    Myth Drannor thanks the Dwarves of Thunderholme for their contributions to the rebuilding of Eveningstar. As such, we have entered into negotiation with Eveningstar to host as many dwarven refugees as possible, and join their expatriate brothers already laboring there to rebuild the seat of House Winter.

    The return of the Sibilant Shade, Aurgloroasa, merits deep concern from Myth Drannor. It is known that dragon-cultists have been seen in the Hullack region, proving that the Sibilant Shade has a long reach. It is necessary and important for all adventurers to now take heed of the danger to the entire north country._

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