• Does anyone know what a warshaper is?

    3.5 dnd p-class for those with shifter abilities, either spell like polymorph or the spell, or 'natural shifters' like lycans and druids with wildshape or dopplegangers, etc. I think pixies have polymorph as well.

    There are some nifty abilities, but I don't think it was ever officially introduced into nwn or nwn2 (although I don't really know for sure). I played a doppleganger in a 3.5 dnd pnp game a bit once, and was looking at warshaper to add some… stuff to him.

    (For some reason I had the idea of 'spawn' a la the comics in my head, sort of a fake persona he could take on to be more intimidating... if you know spawn, and you know warshapers, you may get what I mean. Combine that with some illusion/cantrip special effects and you can 'seem' like some kind of invincible machine that enemies decide they don't want to fight anymore lol. Also I think with one of the old school rings of regeneration, if someone 'leaves you for dead' you will eventually regenerate back to 1hp and more, and with a few concentration checks... ok last thing I will mention is using the 'auto-hypnosis' skill to memorize information, resist pain, etc. It was in the psionics handbook but was considered acceptable for our campaign, etc. Good for a wannabe harper...).

    yeah. so tl;dr might be fun for some shifter types to be able to earn some combat resilience over a few levels … I was thinking of making a druid, so it might be neat to know if that was a possibility, but I thought others might find it interesting as well.

    I think that's all I'm going to say.

    (part of the reason I was looking at this stuff was because I set it up so the doppelganger would basically either be disintegrated or transported to a safe/base if he were to die... i think I gave him a poison tooth (its actually in one of the dnd handbooks) in case he was captured, but like 'faking dead' or like 'temporarily' being 'kind of dead' seemed like a better option...) I want to spoiler so much -but I won't.

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