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  • **The Greenleaf Priesthood, in Service to Silvanus will this evening lead a pilgrimage to the Pool of Eldath where a ritual will be held to restore the waters to health, and reclaim the pool for Eldath, the first step in restoring Balance to the entirety of the Hullack. If you have previously benefited from the Direct Blessings of Silvanus, be it Healing, Restoration, being Raised from the Clutches of Death, or simply the strength to see a job done, with the protections a simple priest can offer, now is the time to show your thanks!

    If You have accompanied me on previous expeditions to collect water, now is the time to come and see the results of our labor. There are too many to invite personally, but your presence would be most welcome.

    Keep The Balance

    Cormac MacNulty
    Greenleaf Priest

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  • **The Church of Sylvanus has reclaimed and reconsecrated the Pool of Eldath
    It is once again a Place of Peace in the tooth and claw world of the Wilderness.
    We extend our thanks to all who aided the Church in this endeavor.
    Too many names to list,
    you have my heartfelt gratitude.

    Cormac MacNulty
    Greenleaf Priest.


  • **Some think to ban me and my friends from walking the wilds that I love and protect.
    They threaten bloodshed, and work with people who condone the use of Bottled fey and bloodstones, .
    Some aid a mugger and a bandit, a liar and a cheat. One who would sell a friend to ensure the safety of her own hide.

    I ask this of those long lived Tel'Quessir… where were YOU when the pool of Eldath, a pool long sacred to Elves and Men, was desecrated by foul rituals?
    Where were YOU when my Friends and I saw to the collection of reagents and Clean water, and risked our lives against servants of Malar to reclaim the pool?

    Where were YOU?

    Yes, Some of us wear Hardcastles Colors, because the Lord is the Kings Subject, and we support Our King and His Lords, and His Laws. We oppose Bloodstones, Bleakstones, bottled Fey and unnecesary bloodshed. Blood you threaten to shed if those who wear the Lords colors enter the Wilds.

    We fight the same evils, in the spread of the Helmlands and the Blight, the Curse of the Redwood. and yet, rather than work together you choose to threaten us with robbery and maiming.

    We hunt respectfully those wilds, and make donations of meat and fish on a regular basis to the People of Old town.
    There is Currently a project ongoing in Eveningstars ruins to rebuild and reclaim, while you offer death and dismemberment.
    The wisdom of Tel' Quess is Legendary. Where is that Wisdom here?

    Your own people have turned against you, for you say one thing "WE Oppose evil" while condoning evil in who you choose to work with and how you choose to conduct your selves.

    The Church Of Silvanus Supports Myth Drannor, and the city of Songs Ambassador.
    We Support One Arabel, but to achieve that, we must all work together and not apart, for the same goals.
    We must not hinder each other with threats of banditry and maiming.
    Cormac MacNulty
    Greenleaf Priest
    Adviser to the Lords Counsel**

  • The Greenleaf Priesthood of Silvanus thank the recent pilgrims to the Pool of Eldath for their devotions and for the plantings they made. Such help is greatly appreciated, and may we all respect the Balance of the Hullack. Walk in the Balance.

  • **There is a tree that the local fey have been expending their energy trying to heal.
    The Greenleaf Priesthood will lend its aid to the Local Fey, and will perform the Song of the Trees as soon as we collect the following items.
    Diamond Ice, to put the tree into a deep winter like hibernation, in the hopes of destroying the disease that infests it.
    White Stag meat to heal the tree while it is in deep hibernation.
    Celestial Silver for Positive energy And to banish any lingering negative effects of the Illness.
    A Greater Bullette Carapace To Ward the Tree from future Illness.

    I will need all the help my fellow Cormyrans can lend
    Cormac MacNulty
    Greenleaf Priest
    Advisor to the City Counsel.

  • True Sun

    In memory of a friend and protector of the Balance, this task must not be left undone. I am offering a bounty of 1000 gold for each of the components he listed except for the Stag. There will be a special hunt where all the tenets of the Great Oak will be followed. The hunt will be called for soon. Make a sending for Mac's friend or send a letter to the same at Shylocks.

    The trees will remember you after we are all gone my friend.

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