Tips when moving to another country!

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    So, in either late July or early August this year, I am moving back to Sweden with my near and dears. However, I am trying to find the cheapest possible option in moving there. Don't really need to bring everything with me on the first go, all that has to be moved is 2 adults and a cat! Last time I loved, I just posted everything I had on the mail and crossed my fingers it would arrive. It did, however my partner is not a huge fan in letting everything we own in life be mailed off to the unknown. Ryanair has stopped flying to Gothenburg, which is my destination from London, so the route I took getting here is no longer an option. So! I am quite lost, especially since google is 0 help and just advice me to drive which wont happen unless I hire a car. 😛

  • Quite simply it depends on your budget if you can afford a removal firm i would suggest using one as it saves you all the hassle and they are insured for any possible damage.
    They also give you a time and date for delivery.

    As to the cat ive not moved overseas for several years now and don't know what the quarantine laws are like in Sweden you may have to pay for the cat to be housed in it,I suggest checking into that.

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    It's within the EU, so all they need is a passport, chip and vaccines. I got everything atm except for the passport. My budget is pretty much minimum

  • Blah blah car?
    Or whatever it is called?

  • Cat passport?

    Is it cat sized? Is it in cattanese?
    Can they use it to get beer at a pub?

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    Cat passport always gives you a free pint at the pub, as long as the bartender is a cat person.

  • Bribe them with the cute Puffy voice

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