Neverwinter Nights Remake

  • So Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 got remakes, is it at all possible for Neverwinter Nights 1 and maybe 2 to get official remakes? Its been 13 years since the original game was released and I'm pretty sure Bioware no longer has the rights to the title.

    On a side note, would Icewind Dale also get a remake?

  • Possible but unlikely 😢

  • Icewind Dale already has

    Though i doubt NWN will

  • Nwn is principally remembered for the multiplayer and the toolset. The campaigns are nothing to write home about. Unlikely to ever get a remake.

  • perhaps enterprising folks could buy the archaic source, do some analysis, then do a 'peoples' remake' or some such…

    ! i know jagged alliance had the source code release when sirtech went out of business (although eventually another company bought the title and made new, more advanced versions of it with more modern coding and requireing more processor power video etc)
    ! You know, even just having an 'open source' version that people could 'tweak' the original code, would be pretty cool… in fact, since nwn has been ported to be native linux, it makes me think somewhere out there must have access to the code, as well…
    ! i know satellitemind talks about shardsonline, i haven't investigated, maybe nwn is so old it is not worth updating, and just remaking with one of these more modern 'gaming engines' and packages
    (instead of coding from scratch, or someone else source - a lot of game designers use software to build the games now, etc, instead of like hard coding everything... even though that is often less elegant/has sort of wasted code/processor power etc)
    ! wow i'm ranting and wasting time. will spoiler the post so less long.

  • Remake, update, re-released or just Toolset/Multiplayer, any are fine as long as the Toolset/Multiplayer are in it. So that there will be more multiplayer persistent worlds and more people playing them.

  • Technically speaking, we don't really need a remake. We need a large team of artists to just redo all the graphics for the areas, equipment, and everything else, plus animations. Bring it to 2015, so to speak.

  • Just wait for Shards it's due in a year or so, someone is already writing a pathfinder ruleset for it not to mention NwNX equilivant has pretty much been figured out and all that is really pending is API details.

  • One possible idea is putting NWN on Steam. Add the game to Steam, servers to be supported by Steam(since Gamespy no longer supports the servers), make haks and other mods be made available through Steam(so when people try to log on but don't have the required files, they can have them downloaded through Steam or its Workshop).

  • lol good luck

  • @Zool:

    lol good luck

    Cant I have a dream? 😃

  • Man I wish. It's about as likely as Runescape making a comeback though

  • The witcher was built on NWN 's engine. Now if only one did something similar and multiplayer… dreaming for dreaming's shake

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