HP rolls: weird statistical numbers

  • With my last 10 "dicerolling" levels of figther or ranger, my characters (both with a CON of 10) have rolled 7 times a 5.

    In particular the progression of the two chars was (before any death):
    char nr.1:
    lvl 1 = 10 (by rule is max lvl 1-3)
    lvl 2 = 10
    lvl 3 = 10
    lvl 4 = 5
    lvl 5 = 6
    lvl 6 = 5

    char nr.2:
    lvl 1 = 10
    lvl 2 = 10
    lvl 3 = 10
    lvl 4 = 5
    lvl 5 = 8
    lvl 6 = 5

    Am I particularly unlucky (the statistical odds of this happening are really low in particular for the first character) or there might be something odd related to the CON and the fighter and ranger classes?

  • Unlucky i think. Im playing a ranger with 12 con, have 92hp and am level 9 without dieing once yet. Im 7 off of total. Ive seen huge disparities between rolls before though. Ive had level 8 wizards with 20 something hp and barbarians with max hp all the way to level 12. Just bad luck o draw

  • I recall someone saying PC's with the toughness feat roll lower, but i'm not sure if that's true.

  • Its not true, rolls are random and toughness doesn't affect the rolls. Even random rolls over thousands of characters can produce the above results.

  • Random means you could potentially roll the minimum every single time for the rest of your life (and beyond if you believe in that)

  • the first screen on this post on this topic in this forum speaks a little bit about random number generation on computers, and in games…


    you could read more for more insight,
    but essentially the
    is it is pseudo-random, not random and sometimes it needs to be tested and fixed
    (from what I understand, but there may be work arounds with scripts, but you'd have to ask a code-monkey about this, not me).

  • code monkey MOLE

  • Yes, it uses seeds and sequences, like the Fibonacci sequence.

    Change the seed, and you change the sequence of 'random' numbers. As the seed is changed pretty much every time the random number generator that NWN uses is used, it is pretty damn random.

  • I often had the impression that subsequent rolls are not that random at all, not with HP rolls though as is separated in time well enough.

  • Its random. Locking this. Random is random.

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