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  • Storyteller [DM]

    Wanting to get a sense for themes people would be interested in seeing in future large-scale DM plots. What kind of stuff would people enjoy seeing and participating in? What elements would you want to see in it?

  • Anything involving scantily clad barbarian women and I'll be set, man.

  • There are still 8 Witchlords undefeated.
    Plots about prophecies
    Plots about getting awesome items to smash undead
    Plots about intrigue within the Council, as Thayans try to capture a Witchlord for "export" back to Thay
    Plots about harrowing the massive undead army, hitting them in small skirmishes and all out battles
    Plots about Sembian worries about the undead next door
    Plots about the Dales getting angry about Undead in their backyard
    Plots about a Crusade from the Order of Aster
    Plots about a Crusade from the Velsharoon Brotherhood

  • I wouldn't say no to a Ghaunadaur plot. However the Blighter plot was only a while ago and it had hints of that oozy awesome in it.

    Illithid stuff (Evil Underdark in general) and Shadovar stuff are the only things I'd love to get going that I've not seen already in V5.

  • 'Nuff said.

  • I'm willing to make a compromise with Kham.

    I'll pick dragons too if it's an ooze dragon. Deal? >.>

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Witch Kings won't be dropped, they will be a persisting piece of the server, but after considering player and DM input we are discussing shifting focuses pending the conclusion of the Wheat King.

  • @Khamal:

    'Nuff said.

  • @King-Dobby:


    'Nuff said.

    I honestly want to do something like that.

  • Dragon plots scream bad ass for me. I would be ALL over that.

  • All down for Dragon plots. I think the last time we had a dragon threatening the city besides the Devil Dragon, it got pushed to the backround for some necro plot 😛

  • I also thumbs up dragons. And dungeons too. More Dungeons & Dragons. Please. Thank you.

  • Plots that encourage the city's factions to work together even if they have different ideas of how things should be achieved. Sorry if I can't get more specific than that

  • I would like to see plots in which good aligned characters are the villains.

    I'd also like to see plots in which there is a very clear objective to obtain that two or three sides are in direct competition for. The gaining of the objective has very definitive and major impacts on the setting, meaning everyone should care. This makes factions purposeful and proactive and conflicted. An example might be locating a relic similar to Verngershlaz, or an ancient elven ruin suddenly being discovered and the ancient treasure at the heart of it being powered by something that players need to discover and collect. Something that could make drastic changes if the players are just hardcore enough to win the plot for their given side.

    Similarly to the last idea, a plot involving a WISH item that's words of power must be unlocked to activate the single use of this item. This is kind of a gambit, but interesting players would do something like "wish for the entirety of the Zhent army to appear suddenly in the center of Arabel".

  • Some of the suggestions are, I think, actually rolling out. They're nifty, please continue.

    (If I'm wrong, nobody tell me. My world is far too interesting for a reality check.)

    Also, I support any action that casts LoP as a scantily-clad barbarian woman.


    I would like to see plots in which good aligned characters are the villains.

    Can we just have Hardcastle come out of the Metaphorical Evil closet? Team good can move to Old Town, and Dobby can quit complaining about not being able to do the quests in the citadel 😉

  • I'd like to have conflicting groups of humans. Mysterious individuals. That sort of thing.

    I had the pleasure of playing such a cultist for a week around 2013 christmas on Lizard's forget the app and destroy the city project. It was actually very interesting to do. I still don't know if I'm supposed to write the group's name in public, lol.
    Sadly everyone decided to log off until v5 (which they were terribly punished for by the delay 🙂 ) and I usually ended up wondering server trying to find someone to give an air of mystery to.
    But that was cool. Having been told that we want to do this thing, work towards it, but mainly your purpose on the server from a storytelling point of view is to spread mystery. I'd be all for this, even if I know that an execution was coming. (which Lizard still owes me. 😞 )

  • Plots with a prelude that people can apply/ask to enter, setting them up with gear and levels before entering the server.

  • Yeah, I forgot to mention that part. But gear and XP was due to the one week deadline of my own execution, so I suppose it was reasonable.
    I don't see what purpose would that serve other then that.

  • Since you asked:
    A sembian force is sent against Arabel. Lord Hardcastle, forced to use his secret Machine of Elemental essense usage, blows up the city, killing all, while Team Adventurers are out keeping the sembians at bay. Aldek, being a Chronomancer, survives the blast, and creates a time portal, sending back the adventurers, to "stop Hardcastle". However, the portal goes too far back in time, and instead sends the adventuring population straight into the Goblin Wars, when the great Red Dragon was laying waste to Arabel, and the city itself is overrun by goblins and orcs. The adventurers have to work with a very young Maureen Lhal, to reclaim the city, in order to reclaim Arabel, working out of a makeshift camp in the Hullack Forest.

    That, or: The Sembians decide they wish to claim Mythalite for themselves, and seeks to invade Northern Cormyr. Fearing for his wealth, Hardcastle strikes a deal with the Zhentarim Forces, making him King in exchange for making the North a part of the Zhentarim Rule. Evil Banites take over the Citadel, throwing out any faith that is not Bane. Aldek vanishes, and good is forced into an uneasy alliance with the Plebian Court, to cast out Hardcastle. Good and chaos against the Lawful, Evil Citadel. Humans against humans.

    Or: A Red Dragon decides to reclaim the Mythalite, and make Arabel its new home. A large Silver Dragon, a sick one, decides to fight the Red one, but in exchange, the evil in the Citadel must be removed. Two Plot Factions, Red offering wealth and power, Silver offering goodness, but at a cost of not compromising with evil. LG vs CE dual plot, lots of intrigue, lots of adventure.

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