It's a Brand Spanking New Year!

  • Alrighty, where to begin. I know!

    I love this server. Every freaking bit of it. The ups the downs, the quest training the spiremancing the plot pushing the (pauses) yes even the PvP… though usually in the moment my own issues come out and I can get nasty in tells for which I humbly apologize to those who have been on the recieving end. (you know who you are, sincerly sorry)

    So, Ima make a new years resolution in regards to my PCs in Arabel.

    If I do get involved in PvP I will treat it for all else to see as the fun it is meant to be for everyone, win ( heh right) or lose.

    My Mantra will be, as it should be , "it is only a game."

    If at any time I find myself not really enjoying myself, I will remember it is not the Dms fault, it is not another players fault, it is not the AI's fault. My Fun is directly linked to me, my actions, or inactions. I don't HAVE to be here, I choose to be.

    To anyone who may have been avoiding PvP with My PC's because of previous rants, etc. Please, Take the gloves off.
    Come and kick my players arse to helanback and then do it again if your char is one who would do that.

    The character may panic and run, he may stay and fight, he might suprise the hell out of you and kick you're arse instead.

    I am hereby giving you all permission to do what would be IC for your Character without worrying that I will run and tell a Dm how unfair it is, or how disturbed i was. if your character is one who would relish choping bits off and consuming them, go ahead, trust me , I can portray the horror ICLY as well as in tells, and I will do so. I promise.

    If I find out I really Cant handle that part of the RP experience and come back a better player, I may find its time to move on. But if I do, It would be MY choice and no one else's fault. 🙂

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Let's make it awesome for each other!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Amen, brother.

  • I support this post.

  • I totally dig this dudes enthusiasm.

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