Joining a DM Faction

  • There are two current DM Factions. Many stories revolve around these two primary Factions. While you are free to be an independent, or start your own faction, you are encouraged to join either one of these factions in order to be quickly immersed into the politics, happenings, and events of the Server. Please note that all this is achievable without having to join any lousy, elitist DM Faction. The DM Factions have been implemented in such a way that almost any character can conceivably join them without have to jump through too many hoops, and without having to make an Application.

    The first faction is the Citadel Council, and most of you will likely end up joining it at one point or another. The Citadel Council runs the Citadel, and if you join them, you become a part of the system, working on the inside to drive change and create opportunities.

    On the other hand, is the Plebian Court. The Plebian Court runs Old Town, working on the fringes of society to bring freedom and revolution. The Plebian Court is an advanced experience for a new player, and can be a challenge, however, it is considered more exciting and dangerous.

    Within the server, there will be an opportunity to join these two factions, through interactions with an NPC. This NPC can be found in Maleen's Spire for the Citadel Council, and Shylock's for the Plebian Court. After completing the quest, head on back onto these forums and click on THIS AMAZING LINK. Choose either "The Council" or "The Plebian Court", ensure that the drop down menu says "Join Selected" and click Submit. A moderator will have to approve your status, so hang tight! It might be a minute or a day! Hop on to our IRC channel to expedite the process, or post in our Forum Tracker.

    Please note that you can not join both the Plebian Court and the Citadel Council. You must limit yourself to one DM Faction with all your characters. Should you decide to switch sides with a new character, you can still play your old characters, but they're status in the DM Faction is revoked. You may not pass your gear on, though you can keep it. You may only have access to one DM Faction forum at any time.

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