Timeline - Death of the man who became the Wheat King

  • *Kelkara find the librarian and ask for his assistance. She tells him she had the chance to speak with the spirit of the Wheat King's Wife. She asks him help to guess at what time in Cormyr history (or before) would the man and his family would have lived.

    For that she gives him a brief summary of what she has learned so far. The Wheat King, when he was mortal, had moved too far north of the lands the elves had granted the humans to use, perhaps even a bit before the lands were granted to the humans. At that time, the Obraskyr had steads to the south, where Suzail now stands. The Wheat King's family had been in the north in elven lands for five years now. The elves came oftenly and peacefully to ask them to leave. One day, they came again, at spring when the man was plowing to seed. The man got angry and came at the elves with his scythe and the elves put them to sleep. The wife thought they had killed him and ran for the house where, after some time and because of er fear, she burned down the house with herself in it. When the husban woke, he thought the elves had done this and he beheaded two. The elvse hunted him down and killed him after.

    A sad story really, but Kelkara hopes it will help set a time for the events. She thanks the librarian for his efforts and brings the story to the elven shrine as well, hoping they might be able also to help set a time frame for these unfortunate events.

    She promises the librarian a more detailed version of the tale once the Wheat King is defeated once and for all*

  • They guess from these details that it was perhaps the year 3 or 4 DR or -20/-21 Cormyr Reckoning, but it is tough for them to be certain without more information about what may have been happening that year. One librarian seems confident it was the Year of the Slaked Blade, but the others scoff at his certainty.

  • [Kelkara bows deeply to the librarian and thank them for their efforts in this. She lets them know she will redouble her efforts to gather more details]

    [she would speak with the single librariand to learn more about he Year of the Slaked Blade]

    ((search gives me nothing but the above concerning the Year of the Slaked Blade))

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