Coa druids - restrictions, benefits, weapons and armour

  • What are the restrictions and benefits of coa druids?

    (weapon and armour restrictions are not listed under druids in the player resources forum druid entry).

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  • [as far as i know, i am still banned from irc, and therefore cannot ask questions there presently]

  • I asked you to please use the search feature. I've been actively trying to help you out since Day 1 man.

    /forum/vie ... 6ef542ebaf

    As for restrictions, it tends to be they can't use metal afaik. General Discussion isn't really the place for this though.

  • Druids /can/ use metal weapons and armour but it will remove their abiltiy to cast spells temporarily untill next rest.
    Using ironwood, bone, and stone allows you to use armour/shields and non-druid weapons without penalty.

    Weapon proficiency (druid): ... 28druid%29

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    The dm's have legitimate beef, with excessive posting or long rambling posts, because generally they need to read every post that goes up, or at least there are many significant ones that they need to read as managing the forums and dm's. Other players are not in this same situation. They don't have to read every post that goes up, and they don't need to make comments like 'this is stupid. what are you even saying' (awesomeman) if they don't know what the post is about and have nothing to contribute.

    I think you are only reading EVERY post, because you are bored, and overall there is so few, and when the numbers of players on the server go back up, you will have to be selective about what you read and respond to again.
    Which will be a good thing.

    the conflict for conflict's safe is an ic server policy, not an ooc or forums policy.
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  • the vague understanding i have from other players and threads i have read a long time ago, which would take hours to find and wouldn't be necessarily the most accurate/ official stance, was that bows were a restricted weapon for druids, for instance (Even thought bows aren't metal, and their are arrows that use bones, etc)

    I was avoiding playing a druid because I thought the restrictions would not let me play a pc the way which seemed most appropriate/ related to their background, etc (and because I don't know anything about playing druids).

  • check the player resource forum for information on classes. All classes that have something different then the default nwn stuff.

    Druids are restricted to a limited list of deity. You must choose one of these.

    animal companions for druids work the same as ranger

    the class restrictions:

    more on coa wildshape

    everything you need to know is easily accessed in the wiki with a simple search or in the player resource forum.

  • Am I making needless comments awesomeman? No I am trying to help you. Sometimes that means pointing out that you are posting in the wrong area or that you could EASILY find this information. Seriously. Go to Player Resources. If you can't find it there. Do a Search. If after all that you can't find what you need, then you can post a new topic about it. But it makes it difficult for us other players to go through and find certain topics when we have to file through several topics from you that are easily accessible.

    I actually don't even read your posts unless I believe I can shed some insight into it and free up some time a DM normally would be required to reply to it. Most of what you post is seriously either stuff you need to FOIG, stuff that doesn't exist, or stuff that is easily accessible. I don't know why you are trying to start conflict with someone who is just trying to help not only you, but help the forums stay neat and organized.

    Sorry if I offended you mate.

  • I'm not sure if I'm over-reacting or not.

    I do know there was a time i tried to 'help' other people, by criticising them, to help 'fix' them,
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    I think criticisms can be important, but I also found the zen phrase,
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    You never know what someone else is going through, and when you try to 'help' someone who is frustrating you, or others, you never know if you might 'push them over the edge', if they are dealing with stuff.

    So on the one hand, I know I am not responsible for other people's trauma or struggles,
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    some examples of 'unhelpful' help.

    'why are you so depressed, man? cheer up? stop moping, you're bringing everybody down'

    'you really need to lose some weight. It's unhealthy, you can't keep up with us, and everyone is disgusted by you when we go to the beach. Don't you ever want to have a girl/boyfriend?'

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    'Look man, i know you are intellectually disabled, but if you don't know about stuff, don't say anything, because you just sound stupid.'

    I could go on.

    So the point is not to say 'don't help', or even to say 'I don't think you are really trying to help', because you seem sincere, but just food for thought… sometimes we are causing more 'harm' with our help than we realize, and it is worth thinking carefully about whether our actions really are going to have a mostly positive effect or not, and if our desire to intervene is sincerely coming from this place, or we are using it to excuse our desire to influence a situation for our own benefit.

    thx for the links.
    I probably could and should look up some of these things more.
    when i've done coa searches before, i've been pretty frustrated, though, the search engine and summaries didn't seem very helpful.

    I used to spend hours messing around in a computer lab i was running, doing weird searched all day for fun when i was bored, trying them in different search engines, etc, using different kinds of boolean operators to see how that affected things, etc.

    A lot of the cool search engines i really liked are gone now; many of the search engines these days track you, and customize their searches to you (ref 'filter bubble') and certain sites pay to bump their sites in the rankings, some things are omitted from searched without telling you, or dropped really far to the bottom, so it becomes ridiculously hard to find them (any blog is usually like this - you usually have to use a blog search engine to find blogs, and even then they are not guaranteed to show up... if you search for something or a site you KNOW exists, this is a great way to test (mafia guys actually suggest when interrogating someone, like that you don't trust in your org, to like ask them questions you already know the answers to, etc. in lie detection, you do this to 'baseline' peoples body language, etc)

    long story short, since i'm running on, when i spend hours doing searched and keep finding garbarge, and the summaries that show up are useless, so i have to go through ever search one by one to see if i got a useful hit, I just don't waste the time anymore. even with mainstream search engines; if i can't refine a search with keywords etc to start getting closer to what i'm looking for, it just becomes a waste of time, sometimes.

    Which is why i posted in the forums a few months ago, that we should do a 'forums search faq', so people (me in particular) don't feel like they are wasting their time when they do a search.

    it's possible whatever i thought i knew about searches and searching is gone, and i just lack the 'skill' to do it well anymore, but that was my experience, for what its worth.

  • search.php

    For example, to help narrow it down.

    Put whatever you're looking for in the Keywords box (This time Druids)

    Then figure out what you're trying to search for. This time, Mechanical or OOC info on Druids. So you could most likely assume you're wanting to look in Player Resources, so click on that. If you want to get more specific, you can see a Classes sub-forum underneath Player Resources so you can click that, or just do a broader Player Resources search.

    By doing a broad Player Resources search with the key word Druids, it comes up as the 3rd link down.

    I don't know why your searching would be anyway related to searching for stuff on Google or Bing. It's all specifically this server. You don't get to bribe DM's to get your posts up further in search results.

    Also... None of that had any correlation to how I was trying to help. If you aren't looking for direct to the point answers, then I don't see why the questions should be asked. I'm not telling you you're wrong or anything. You're just actively ignoring the advice I've given because you think we got some grudge against you or that we are out to get you. Which is not the case. We want as many people on the server as we can. If anyone is actively trying to drive away our player base, bring it to a DM's attention because that person has no purpose being part of this community. We want to see the players grow and evolve. Heck we have had players who spoke like 3 words of english becoming some of the best RPers we've seen on the server.

  • If you want a quick easy response make it 2-3 lines tops.
    If you write a page long essay half the people on the forum wont read it.
    Make it clear what you're asking.

  • can druids use bows?

  • scimitars are listed as one of their class weapons, as well as daggers, which means they should not be against their oathes.

    as far as foig, if a druid took an oath, you might expect he would have some idea of the implications of it, and why.

  • Druid code: Balance is all important, though balance differs from druid to druid. So balance between good and evil whilst maintaining nature. Some find balance between civilization and nature, teaching those of cities to respect nature and not to expand. Some hate cities and actively would see them destroyed and returned to nature. They all hate undead and abberitions (And alot of outsiders, though sometimes it is case for case, ie: Aasimars etc) Druids also swear never to raise a hand against a fellow druid in combat. At the end of the day. Nature is awesome, and anything that smells unnatural needs investigating. If it is unnatural, stop it. If it turns out to be natural, leave it. I have extensive experience with druids in CoA and outside of CoA, if you wish to ask questions pertaining to druids, and are worried about spamming the forums with questions about them, you can PM me and i will try and help you with them

  • @ma1keru333:

    can druids use bows?

    There are wiki's for these sort of things.

  • Right. Simple answer. I know this information is posted somewhere on the forums, either in the Players Resources or the Announcements forums, it is possible that it was not transferred to the Players Resources when that was set up.

    **Weapons: Druids can use ONLY the weapons listed in the Druid Weapon Proficiency, OR the favoured weapon of their deity. The material the weapon is made from is entirely 100% irrelevant.

    Armour: Druids are permitted to use ANY armour so long as it is not made from metal.**

    Druids of Mielikki are an exception to the rule They are permitted to use ANY Simple or Martial weapon, and ANY Light Armour, Medium Armour or Shield. No matter what it is made of. (Please note, this does mean that if a Druid of Mielikki wants to use heavy armour he IS still restricted from using metal ones.)

    (The only Druid deitys that permit the use of a bow are the Elven god of the hunt Solonor Thelandira (Longbow) and Mielikki (Long/Shortbow, Heavy/Light Crosbow)

    These rules are bloody weird and make no sense. (and even less sense when you see the list of weapons that are or are not permitted) They stem from the Druid Equipment rules of 3.0 Edition D&D. In 3.5 the weapon restrictions are lifted, whilst druids only get the druid proficiency on creation, they are permitted to use any weapon they like if they later take the proficiency.

  • ah, ok, so to be clear, in 3.5 they are lifted in pnp, but in coa, only druid proficiencies will not cause the automatic scripts to fire which will disable your druid spellcasting, etc?

    The second part was what I learned from my brother, who played an elven druid on coa like seven years ago, and apparently had this come up, and mentioned it to me when i was visiting and talking about my character on coa…

    my characters' diety is rillifane rallathil, so if that is not changing anytime soon, i guess the penalties will apply.

    So here is another question, related a bit:

    How does the special druid harvesting ability work? Like where you don't need to cut trees etc down to harvest something?
    This ability wouldn't be penalized if you used restricted items, would it?
    (Like the ability to just conserve and take dead wood rather than live wood, or what have you... it sounds almost like mundane expertise in part?)

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