Bug/ dealing with game mechanics/ balance issues ie encumbnc

  • Hey, so my main character, Kaiohwa (Blackleaf) has died twice now to 'random' ankheg spawns right next to him.
    It was certainly challenging to escape, being encumbered, and so I've died twice recently from this.

    Some dm's may think 'hey, he doesn't realize how ridiculous it is to horde all this crap that is slowing him down and making it harder to quest.'

    I'm doing it partly because of two 'gripes.'

    One, any low strength character will be able to carry less, so if you don't build a character to be strong/ powerhouse, you are going to be gimped in the equipment you carry, which kind of pisses me off.
    I hate when people get penalized this way for trying to play rp characters instead of powergaming.
    So I'm doing partly to see if there is a work around that can make it liveable, the low encumbrance capacity, etc.

    The other thing, is it is really pissing me off, going on quests, and the rest of the party just leaves me (or others who are slow) behind. I've seen other players essentially kind of like ignore your character getting hosed on quests, and then just be like 'are you respawning'?
    Not offering healing to each other, not watching out for each other.

    Maybe that was because some of these situations were just a mishmash of people who came together for the quest?

    At any rate, some of my encumbered alts are tanks and trap finders, so if the party wants to motor on and leave other characters (and players!) behind, I'm happy to let them tank themselves and discover the traps the hard way, etc. Going slower allows more time for roleplay and character interaction. So this is just an experiment right now, to see what happens, but just to put it another way, it is not entirely for no reason that I'm doing this. I was going to get into pvp with one of my pc's once (Blackleaf) because the entire server was hunting elves, so I dumped most of his gear in the charity chest to make sure to be underweight, etc.
    But a lot of those were roleplaying flavour items that were fun for me, and gave me something other than powerquesting to do, ie wizard's dark ropes to pretend to be a powerful wizard, with 'toy' wizard's cloak to try to pull it off, skull mask, etc. He's picked up wine and flowers to leave for people or other items to roleplay, had seeds to replant when noone else did, and saved items that were cool but were better for other characters, to pass on later (I've tried to do this with alts as well, but with the low population of the server, and the players that are on mostly already all knowing each other, I'm not sure there is really that much need to).

    This is me trying to be a player that supports other players on the server, rather than leaving it all to the dm's, and as others have said, the dm team is small right now, and there time is also limitted, as the time of many new players is now.

    So to get back to the topic of these ankheg deaths, and a 'bug', that seems to have shown up, it seems when i've died, the only options have been to respawn at my body, or in the pit.

    So it feels to me like there is an unfortunate bug, or someone(s) from the dm team are trying to send me a message?

    I'm not looking for ooc drama, but I also think transparency is important so people are more honest and work things out, and there is community involvement in solving and understanding problems, so the community learns of problems and how to better solve them in the future (rather than it being secret because people are afraid of flames/smearing name etc etc etc)

    So that is why i'm posting this in the general forum where other players can see too.

    It doesn't have to be dealt with this way, but i'm opening it up to be public on the server, if the concern was to not criticize me/errors/ etc publicly.

    I probably won't be dealing with any more of this today, and I don't expect/require a response in the middle of the holiday season, but I don't like holding a gripe in and letting it fester, either.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Yes, walking around encumbered will get you killed. Drop some stuff, put points in strength, or pay someone with access to permanent storage to store your stuff.

    No one is out to get you with a bug about respawning. Bugs are by definition, unintended. That sounds pretty weird. If you run into again contact a DM.

    Also, shorten your posts! You could have said all of this in two sentences.

  • Ankhegs also don't randomly spawn, they're burrowed underground. There are clear indicators of where they are so you can avoid them, you just need to see them first.

  • Benedict "stay away from that hole."
    Harry "What hole?" Fugued 🙂

    Harr " OHHhh! THAT hole!"

  • It's not a bug. And to the rest of your essay, people probably won't want to spend time waiting an extra 50 minutes to sit there because you're unwilling to drop things/invest in strength/use some form of storage so you end up walking around at heavily encumbered.

  • Let's see. How would I roleplay with an adventurer who carries along a huge sack of stuff and walks very slowly?
    FIrst I would ask myself why he or she carries around so much.
    And then, possibly, I might be happy for him or her coming along. Why?


  • For 30 gold you can boost your str by 1d4+1 for 40 minutes. There's tons of bulls strength items, carry weight bags, etc. If you don't want to die in the wilderness, then don't walk around encumbered. Having high strength doesn't make you a powerbuilder. PCs who have lower strength tend to not NEED as much carry weight as guys wearing full plate, tower shield etc. Also, I find it a bit silly that you're claiming players don't support eachother in quests because I always try to save people, as do many others fairly frequently. All I really see that needs to be addressed is the bug, which you should probably just PM to a DM instead of ranting on general discussion after an unfortunate death, but that's just my two cents.

  • Your character was likely sentenced to pit time at one point, and then you likely hit a bug that allowed you respawn at your corpse within teh hardcastle estate, then failed o tell a DM you escaped the pit due to a bug, which is exploiting the system.

    A DM needs to remove a variable from your character token to fix the bug.

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