Player support resources - log changer application?

  • Someone on irc -Seter?- mentioned something like there is a little program that automatically lets you switch your nwn logs up or something.

    I would like to be more organized, keep better notes, etc.

    I think this would help
    (and would allow me to reference and remember in game stuff better).

    Does anyone know anything about this? Any other tools, techniques, habits etc that help you make the game more fun/rewarding/ stay on top of things, etc?

  • I don't even understand what you're asking for. Use a piece of paper and a pen if you want to write notes better. What does 'switch up' mean?

  • 😃

  • seems to need dot net installed. crashed on me.
    if i have win 8 emulate winxp, would that fix it? or is there dot net for win 8?

    i have no clue -_-;

    (or maybe i'm too lazy since i could probably google all that stuff 😕 )

  • you could google it yeah. but yes, .net exists for win 8.

  • it seems to say dotnet is already on win8 (v4.5) but it still didn't work when i ran it…

    there they are talking about installing v3.5 instead.

    there is a command to 'turn on' dot net or something in the thread that someone gives... not sure if that is needed or safe to implement...

    maybe i will run it again and see if it works this time...

    it could need to run as admin when installing, etc.

    is anyway else using the gnomish log changer app?

    and knows how to make it work?

  • it doesn't look like my server log is being logged at all, or at least it isn't where the gnomish log rotator 5000 says it should be in my nwn directory (logs.0 folder) or maybe my windows is hiding it or something due to the fileman.
    gah i can't do this right now. sleepies.

  • in trying to 'fix' the issues with the gnomish log rotator, which was originally a windows xp software, i looked at compatibility mode, to try to set it to run with compatibility with windows xp, which is what i originally did to get neverwinter nights to run on my windows 8.1 laptop. The windows xp option is now gone, leaving only vista.

    I'm wondering if one of my 'automatic updates' of windows 8, removed compatibility with windows xp software and modes.
    Does anyone have any insight to this?
    Is it a non-issue, or might this cause some problems?

    For instance, right now, previous to setting any compatibility modes, the glr wouldn't work automatically once configured. It said 'permission' errors, which I did some things for as well, which makes me think that there probably is dot net framework on this computer already…

    thanks for any help.

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