Regarding Posts From Me Today

  • To anyone who took OOC offense to anything I wrote today, I meant no OOC intention behind any of it. If anyone really knows Dante, there is no realy TEH WIN or objective behind it, the only TEH WIN for him is getting a ship. Any conflict today is completely IC due to IC interactions. He's a Pirate, he doesn't like to be slapped around or threatened and as such he'll respond IC with such. I have already sent PMs to people directly involved after it seemed like I might be making things un-enjoyable for some people, that was not really my intention and I am sorry if any of you were RL offended, upset, or your fun was damaged. I've no OOC agenda what-so-ever besides playing a crazy and drunken pirate, however, he does have quite a few int points so he isn't dumb. I also don't really have it out for anyone IC besides Dante looking out for himself and his crew… the DM's can attest that my actions are pretty random and any posts in the player plot forum are probably going to be wiped, re-written, changed, or probably not even followed as Dante goes with the flow.

    Finally, if I am doing anything to OOC mess with someone's fun or you think I am guilty of a mistake or foul play, feel free to send me a pm letting me know. I want people to have fun and I don't like damaging someone elses enjoyment or experience.

    Sorry again

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