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    ! semi-persistent player-run cultural faction lore keepers:
    ! scavenging:
    ! 'boosting expeditious retreat and escape power/ decreasing player kill power':

    current main:


    ! journal viewtopic.php?t=165354
    image viewtopic.php?t=89308&start=1020&p=964283
    crafting viewtopic.php?t=168901

    Blackleaf research topics:

    ! goings on outside of cormyr, the zhentarim
    ! (ooc) nature and undead related quests
    ! reason for the hanse tree's sickness
    ! magical research: abjuration, protection from scrying, arrow
    ! researching magic (anti-magic), especially against undeath
    ! (ooc) how does tracking work in the game?


    ! old town remediation project:


    elven/nature group concept - plant,harvest,craft,explore
    related idea: 'Council of Balance'

    ! an informal council of those who want to discuss issues of the balance
    -there is no leader or leadership hierarchy
    -there is no official power to do anything other than what members agree on amongst themselves
    -discuss issues related to balance amongst each other, and the different factions and other groups interested, and come to agreements and allyship or dissolve allyship etc on different issues when goals are no longer aligned
    -protections of parlay and non-violence during councils
    -meet over larger, grand issues affecting many; safe space to hear differences of opinion, needs, wants, etc

    Coa 'notable events' paper/comic

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    woodcrafting items:

  • You should probably keep your plots/goals out of the public eye and leave it to IC.

  • if i can't find my own plotz and goals, they do me know good. only planning on posting stuff that i've already posted on things publically, ie the link above was something posted in the IC communications thread as a letter to priestess rethil of the Seldarine. this should help me keep track of conversations i'm having, with whom, etc, since in the past I've often forgotten things, lost track, lost direction, then lost interest, etc.

    i have used the player plots private forum that the dm's have access to, and plan to continue to do so, although I'm also taking offline notes… i've written notes in my character journal in the game, and then don't remember what i put there, unless i go in game and spend a while reading, etc.

    What do you do, dobby? do you know what other people do?

  • it occurs to me this thread could get really messy and busy really fast, if conversations happened, and i can only edit or delete my own posts.
    is there anything I can do about that?
    Could i get permissions on the forums to be able to delete other posts on this thread?
    (any dm /forum admin able to speak on this?)

  • There's a place to do that then man. It's the Diary Section.


  • Yes, diary is a good way to ICly communicate things that may be considered spoilers otherwise and is generally better than OOC telling everyone what you want to accomplish. I know what other people are doing mostly based on IC myself. A good way to communicate what you want to do is make mention of it every time you make a sending. Sendings are basically self promotion. Take advantage.

  • someone said i should grab my own thread like sir gawain to talk about stuff i want to, ideas etc, without it gettingi too cluttered on the forums… but yeah, maybe all this other character stuff should have went in the diary section; the thing is, some of it is ooc, not all of it is going to be about 'one particular character', etc.
    i just wanted somewhere to put all my notes together, that i could kind of share with other players if i wanted to, as well as being able to discuss things i want too, without people getting mad at me for being offtopic, hijacking the forums or spamming the thread with non-coa stuff.

    so i would really like to have this stay here, for now, and i would really like to be able to delete other people's posts from this one thread.
    but there are other ways to fix this stuff, too, they just take a lot more work.

    I will probably put stuff about my alts here, once i start playing them more, or make some my mains for a little while...
    honestly i guess if i keep a clean index and link stuff up in this thread, other people's posts won't matter too much, in that i can put a link to things with a summary in the index etc, and then people can link directly to stuff, say if i have a particular post on a particular character, etc.

    hey dripster13, did you want to talk about the ferguson/ mike brown/ eric garner protests, etc?
    people suggested i create a separate channel in irc, or use pm's, etc for this stuff.
    i got hit by puffy's ban hammer from irc for wanting to talk about the stuff you were talking about.

    so if you (or anyone else) wants to chat about that stuff, i've done some activism over the past few years, so I think i have some relevant things to contribute on these sorts of topics.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Coa Forum and IRC channel and not for political debates. Find an appropriate forum/channel/whatever for that.

    For In Character journals, please use the Arabel Diaries. and follow the rules stated here

    For OOC information about your character(s) and what you are doing IG to create adventure and intrigue, please use the Issue Tracker. One thread per character only and make sure to check the Security option at the bottom of the post. You and the DMs will be the only ones to see the thread.

    The Off Topic is not the place for this, please use the appropriate options. Please note that is not up for debate. The DM Team has worked hard to set up the forums and trackers for this community, we would appreciated it if they were used appropriately.

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