The quests that no one ever does.

  • Please add suggestions for each individual quest to help them be improved. These are the quests that are least done over the past month or two.

    Cyric- Maybe a small loot payout, think it’s just unknown.
    Frost giants- Gold payout is good but loot is awful
    Durmoth- Loot/Gold payout is low vs what you need to spend
    Juggernaut-Not available
    Bherskan Point- Long distance to get to the quest
    Drow Quest- NPC casts Time Stop. Breaks the server
    Mystra Shards-
    Ice Zombies-
    Midwinter Grove-Solo druid?
    Elf Fight-
    Ugruk Castle Assault-There is a post about the bugs in this quest
    Fishy Spiders-
    Gobbo Fire-
    Dead Luck
    Hex Cows- Gold payout is good but loot is V4 Payout & gives about 60 end xp
    Shamans Mask-??? How is this on this list. This is very well rewarded people must not know about it.
    Hag Cavern-
    Cooking Fey-

  • Yeasol? Elite Lizardman Shamans. So. Many. Elite Lizardmen Shamans. Around ten, maybe? That is 20 Dispel Magics and 20 Scintillating Orbs. No. Just No.

    Bhreksan Point is too too too far. The shortcut should not be the shortcut, it should be the main route. Even so, its too long to get to. In the time it takes to REACH the quest, you can finish another.

    Fishy Spiders is done more often now. It still suffers from stigma, but people are growing to like it.

    Azer can be very tough, due to the swarming enemies that are far too small to target. Its a design issue. Make the moles bigger. Being unable to click on them is a real issue. They should not be smaller than rats on Frins.

    Caravan is still possible? I thought it was broken? Will give it a try soon.

    Hag Cavern is way too confusing, too many checks. Too many checks with lethal fights after the check. I would never do this quest. Its like fighting in the Underdark while permanently climbing.

    Alot of the Rest I have never heard of (a surprising amount of them) or I don't know where the quest giver is.

  • The problem with Bhresken point isn't that it's far, but that after you do the quest your party comes out with like….100 gold each (at best) and maybe just maybe some rare reagent that no one can use anyways.

  • Admin [DM]

    Caravan- Under construction
    Midwinter Grove - Seasonal
    Elf Fight- Doesn't exist?
    Cormanthor- Removed
    Hag Cavern- Same quest as below, been edited to be more player friendly
    Cooking Fey- Duplicate

  • Bhersken too far, too hard to climb too, blah blah, not particularly fun either.

  • We have a 'brain mole' hak creature now, we could change the appearances of all the moles on the Azer quest to that, which would make them easier to target.

  • We do?! I'm fixing these suckers. What are they called?

  • just search for 'mole' in custom creatures, they are called stuff like dire mole, and other stuff, as some are pretty twisted by their evil master.

  • I've been unable to break level 8 yet in V5 so thats why I haven't done some of these. V4 i did Alumra daily. Loot is awesome but unfortunately I wasn't a paladin or an evil priest so most of it was usless to me besides using for rituals. Mostly, no one ever answers my sendings (Likely since I'm known for having mechanically crappy characters) so I just go on quests other people want to go on.

  • elf fight is actually sort of an impromptu make-your-own-adventure.
    First find an elf.
    Then fight.
    no i'm joking i have no idea.
    but i'm really funny, right?

  • Haven't seen a whole lot of Wine for the Thirsty, the assassination quest, the alchemist's quest (those SPOILERS though…)

  • Half of these quests I've never heard of and the other half I either do often or did a few times and stopped based on difficulty/loot ratio or outdated loot. In most cases, that's generally why people won't be doing a certain quest. That said, theres some amazing quests on this list, like shaman mask. That quest has the best loot table of any 5-9 hands down. You also have stuff like alumra, hex cow, yaesol, withering heights, azer… all generally pretty good rewards. My assumption for people not doing them is being scared of dying as some of these are amongst the toughest for their level range, bresk and dead luck included in that bracket. Withering isnt that hard but can take two hours easily. Most players aren't leveled enough atm for hex cows or alumra and as for alumra, its just way too far. It's also a 6-11 quest but more challenging than most of the 7-12 stuff.

  • Also castle assault is probably never done because it has various bugs, poor loot payout, and requires 7 players and two hours plus to complete.

  • @King-Dobby:

    Also castle assault is probably never done because it has various bugs, poor loot payout, and requires 7 players and two hours plus to complete.

    Bugs are fixed, payout should be decent. Requiring 7 players and two hours is a problem, I hope to see travel time cut here though so you don't have to walk from Spire to Hullack to quest location but could at least get a quick teleport to the Hullack.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Dead Luck and Goblin Fire need to be tested. They were reported as death traps in the past and they were not done since they were adjusted. If anyone does them, please let us know if there are any more issues with it.

  • Both are fine, dead luck's rewards are horrible though if you do not bring a lockpicker.

    Fire goblins might need some loot, but it's a great quest.

  • Removed. Post came across unintentionally wrong. Apologies.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Personally kind of like the idea of a few longer slog quests being around. It might mean upping the reward or something, but the option for a two hour quest sounds awesome to me!

  • I did Wine for the Thirsty alot recently… but thats for RP reasons with my character. I honestly Haven't been on too many quest trains lately. Maybe I'll try to do a "Lesser done Quests" Train this weekend

  • @Khamal:

    I have done each and every one of those quests multiple times over the years, including the discontinued ones.

    I would never do Azer, Slums, Dead Luck, Fire Goblins or Cyric without a CB or Dobby team. Those quests are death traps for anyone else.

    It is stupid comments like this that cause people to not do quests. Please stop saying things this ridiculous. The idea there is some magical quest god player who alone is competent to handle a quest is so pointless on so many levels. It actually upsets me as someone who works hard to specifically balance these quests so anyone can do them–but to publicly have someone who has 0 hand in balancing quests and who has made 0 effort to point out imbalance encourage people to just not do quests hurts the server.

    So knock it off.

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