Goings on outside cormyr of late, zhentarim

  • _A cowled and hooded shadowy ranger speaking poor common/undercommon with a heavy, poorly concealed elvish accent, is inquiring about the activities of nations near to Cormyr, and various groups and factions - with a particular interest in the Zhentarim, although Thay comes up as well. He is not well spoken, nor guileful, nor does he have plentiful coin, but he seems to have an abundance of expensive, high quality wine that he metes out to those whose lips can be loosened, or have tales to tell. The main places he seeks information are in Shylocks, the Spire, amongst travellers and merchants and bards, and those who seem to have a tale to tell. Current enemies and allies of the Zhentarim, and questions about skirmishes and conflicts they are involved in, comes up if it seems safe to do so.

    In the less likely but hopeful, lucky situation that a friendly, not particularly evil seeming person has a great deal of knowledge about the zhentarim or black markets and criminal world, it may come up as a question as to where slaves are often kept, sold, and where they are traded to (or whom might know these sorts of things, and might be able to be compelled to speak).

    In the more risky places he finds himself talking to people about this, he will leave the city and attempt to lose any unwanted tails, before changing into another set of clothing and making his way back to his usual haunts._

    //kaiohwa /'Blackleaf'

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  • tl;dr //please review how this forum works! It makes it much more likely someone will take the time to reply.

  • sometimes i've posted in the library forums to partially allow know dm's what i/ my pc is interested in/ pursuing.

    This could easily be put in the character diary, and other relevant elements posted in the plot forum as well.
    Ie it allows the dm team and other players to know more about my character, what I am doing, what I want to do, but does not require dm's to include it or create new plots. I'm tempted to go on sources like candlekeep to find out stuff about various groups or events, to get more of an idea of the setting etc, but I'm also aware that these may be plots /events that the dm team/ server is not interested in pursuing, and which may not resonate with the current timeline of the server. Perhaps writing it in prose form as potentially unreliable information from a source would be a way to include it, without creating misinformation/ expectations for storytellers to follow through.

    That said, I also wonder if I'm using the character diary properly, in the sense of, should it really only be sort of character notes and reflections from IN GAME stuff as reminders to myself, other players and dm's, including plot notes, and direction etc. I've often made stuff up completely and included it when it was not directly based on a IC gaming session, etc.

    I guess it is nice if there is some flexibility in using that space, since there isn't a lot of other forum space that belongs to players exclusively for their own purposes, but if other players used stuff I wrote to gain an understanding of the game and server, and some of it was not really sourced from that, then i could see it as potentially giving conflicting stories of things etc.

    I reread how this forum works, and it was very useful, but i forget it again now, so I will have to reread it again

    ! (as i frequently do with everything in the forums, and emails to people, etc. If my memory or other cognitive function gets to the point where I can't write coherently, if I keep playing, I will probably simplify things a lot in terms of how I play, so posting in the forum is less necessary, etc. Which probably would involve just popping in game and seeing what is going on when I have time, rather than actively trying to keep up on events etc in the server/world or have relationships with other pc's deeper than questing etc. I will probably know if the health protocols I'm using will help or not within the next few months).

  • Yes, we'd prefer if the diary doesn't include 'made up' events because if you make up something happening someplace that isn't happening–you cause confusion with other players. IE: If we run a plot where the Dalelands caught on fire and were incinerated, but you're claiming you've been out farming there every day and drinking with Elminster (who spontaneously combusted and died four weeks ago) things get strange.

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