Who are we?

  • Instead of bumping the old thread I thought I'd start a new one.

    There's a new playerbase out there to the one that posted all those years ago, so who are we now? Who have played? Maybe some tasty spoilers if they're no longer relevant to In Game shenanigans!

  • People I have played that I can remember:

    Tobin Sett:

    Your classic NE Priest of Velsharoon concept. He was really a Pyatt Pree rip off, but it went quiet well I feel. He was my fave

    Ichabod Shelt, ''The Playwright'':

    A CE Cyricst Bard who felt that chaos was the most pure form and should be advertised and promoted. Used a scythe, can't remember why I stopped playing him - I think I got bored. He was a Joker rip-off

    Orson Crowley

    CE Talonite rogue Werespider. People still seem to be searching for the Staff of Illmater in game which is cool. Was good fun to play till RL caught up with me

    Mumad Aziz, ''The Sandman''

    Can't remember the concept at all, but he sold poisons to people. Think he was a NE barbarian.

    Tomas de Prie, ''The Gent''

    A Rogue / Ranger I think, not sure of the alignment He was a Robin Hood type concept, robbing from the rich and giving it to the poor / himself. Co-formed the Cartel / South East Council that stuck around for a little bit after he was finished

    Mingwee Puppins Smythe

    The book keeper of Gregory the Weapon's Caddy played by Hinx.

    Amron Blicero

    Cyricist, along with his brother Roma, pretending to follow Jergal. Had a book they stole from a Jergalite temple that claimed to have details of a Saint who was due to rise in Arabel. Was part of the Arabel ''thieves guild'' for the short time he was around

  • Tobin Sett was my hero and inspiration! All my evil characters for the last five years have followed the thought of "Be as awesome and memorable as that Tobin Sett guy".

  • I play Thirlo Dardivvle. I made him to be like the younger brother or cousin you hated during your childhood because he was loud, annoying, and wouldn't stop following you. Basically, I wanted him to follow people, annoy them, get half of the facts right, embellish the wrong ones, and send all of the plots spiralling in directions they weren't meant to go, never to be finished. That didn't work, however, because he became not only tolerable but likeable, and spreading misinformation's hard to do because everyone knows everything. I decided to make him into a little adventurer who talks big instead. The adventures haven't stopped since then.

    Before I played Thirlo, I played Arelen Ralith. Although this server isn't canon, and no expectations are had for characters to exhibit at least some qualities of the cultural and racial backgrounds of the source material, I'm a purist and a compulsive. I didn't agree with the arrogant and haughty way moon elves, who are described as friendly and accomodating, were being portrayed. I made my moon elf in an attempt to lead by example. That didn't work, but I caught Caek's attention. He gave me uber Shadovar loot. I was hunted by evil clerics and assassins and toyed with by the princes of the Shadovar. Then I got a girlfriend, bailed, and left everyone hanging (Sorry!).

    In summary, I haven't done a whole lot, but there hasn't been anything good on television, and I have to pass the time somehow!

  • Miyara Shadowmoon, halfling hero. Had so much fun with her. Now she' a NPC in the Lady's house.
    Nantiska Thornhive aka The Multitude, ebol druid of talona with a hive mind attitude. Stoped playing her cause the rest of the multitude players had no more time to play…
    Anhksari Zalann, crazy bard of talona. Went nuts when all her friends eventually got killed. Killed her off cause she had no more meanning.
    Quamara Zy'ari, elven warrior of the Theur Everae, died fighting the Baron of Gromfia! Almost had the bastard too! Ran out of healing >_>

    Currently playing Clocksmith Ruby Sandneedle of the Company of the Gear. Hafling clockwork maniac working to make the world a better world and blow things up!

  • @Loonayaa:

    Nantiska Thornhive aka The Multitude..

    The most awesome concept ever.

  • Adre Darksteel: Pretty much all his best times revolved around Wyvernrest - running "team-deathmatch" wargames in a place that spawned bulettes, giants etc. regularly, trying to bypass the village council and making his own laws and generally trying to keep the militia from going bankrupt.

    Michal Datteel: Cut+paste Fezznick retainer. Ganked in the market, turned into a skeleton, did some ganking of his own. Some very fun "boss-battle" events with Tobin there.

    Alandos Eastwater: Cleric of Mask, short-lived but lots of fun. The little group he was in was responsible for lovingly crucifying a Bhaliir agent in the ruins and sending Lincoln Roswell for a premature swim in the sewage. Eventually undone when his lack of loyalty to his pals was revealled (well, no one ever said they were particularly nice to him >_>!) and he promised to sell them out in exchange for an invisibility ring. His teeth may or may not have gone onto a necklace.

    Brannus: Thug who became a Bhaliir retainer, then when Bhaliir disappeared got sucked into a subterannean war for the underworld between Thieves and Infernalists lead by a lich. Great times with his fellow evil-doers, Mickey Parish, Natascha Bruchk and for a time, Johnathon Clarke. Perhaps the most memorable moment for me was mugging some 15-20 of the most prominent PCs on the server at the time in a kidnapping gone wrong and then running for our lives in the underdark.

    Vazlah Nyirase: Scheming sorceress running around at the time of the Eclestians' waning power. Joined up with the Mage's Guild and had some madcap adventures, loved nothing more than going on haste and utterly destroying everything in sight (apart from Zxhoo, who destroyed her instead). Had an awesome mage duel with Gregorious Fallow who started up about how Sorcery was the weaker branch of magic while Vazlah was "teaching" a fresher sorceress about its benefits - Evard's Black Tentacles ftw. Got into a lot of serious trouble sometimes, especially with Regun Burke, Maleen's apprentice at the time.
    Lest I forget, there was that crazy bit with the Iron Wings and Bebiliths spawning every other hour ontop of people, and doing some infernal ritual in the Twisted Caverns to teleport them out of a drow prison.

    Kitara Rift: Short but sweet, malarite priestess turned werewolf who got off on desecrating holy sites of Malar's enemies. One character I really would've liked to play more, but killed pushing her luck in the battle for Gromfia. Had some fun in Cake's Cartel, along the lines of: "I need a mob -Kitara" "OK -Benefactor".

    Jezebel Dourstein: T_T Infernalist wizard who'd sold away her soul for power. A lot of conflicted emotions as she sacrificed Anna Cartwright on one end to bind another mortal to her master and explored an unexpected past on the other, about her ancestor giving away her own "soul" in order to stop a certain destructive creature ever escaping its prison as part of a helmite order. Eventually convinced to try and save her soul by Kathrine Stoneriver, the resulting drama was all about meeting with people who kill infernalists for a living and eventually, pleaded to be burned at the stake under the impression that it would put her soul beyond the reach of the Baatezu.

    Alabaric Béringer: Patriotic cormyrian paladin, and that's about it really. é.

    Michard Hornwood: CG ranger of Lurue, member of Twilight-Owners-Anonymous and True King of Arabel, just searching for a couple of likely-looking halflings with a magic ring.

  • Greywatch

    Abin Nix 1/2 orc Paladin- Really. He was. Name on plaque and everything.
    Alan Flown Gardener of Tyr. Lasted way to long for a guy just made to see a funeral.
    Jacen Dracohorn #2 in my heart, but #1 for deaths in one day until Olen
    Alten Snowden Spy/Gamewarden
    Andros Olen Master of single day of deaths {over 30 in an 24hour period}
    Amir Amolen Died more than Olen. 24 deaths in one quest.
    Dawn Abbot Knight Errant Davin Amberwood- Current. Dies 1/4 as much as Olen which is still three times more than any of the rest of you folks..

  • Radwa al Maloof: A Thond retainer. She was so mixed up sometimes, I didn't know where she was. Stared out as a member of the Golden Lions, recruited by Jhavier. She grew with a whole bunch of fun characters including Jhavier, Mal, Casey and Rhapsody. They were a fun bunch. Mixed up, for sure, but fun. I don't know how Jhavier and Mal survived us Lions. She was invited to become a Retainer and ended up joining the Phoenix Legion. A fun character to play. She had some dark moments working with Lasira and her evil bunch. One of my greatest delights was when Rhapsody penned the poem, Retainer's Lament.

    Fredo Mayna: Starte life as a street bum in rags. Often cadging gear and food off passers by in the market. Eventually joined the Iron Wings and worked up to Leftenant or something. The Iron Wings were a great ride but eventually killed off by Drow and other monsters. A great sneeky scout who loved to front line from time to time. We built a great mercenary force in the Iron Wings. I think we reached a point where we could, as a group, take on any other Faction and come out on top. However, the Iron Wings were always focussed on external threats not internal faction threats. I wonder what would have happened if we actually tried something like storming the palace.

    Tolman Tosscobble: A Muladipov who joined the clan as it was waining. I was dissapointed in this but Factions come to an end.

    Marin Lightsord: The character of mine who has done the most. Started life as a street thief, joined the Stone Guard in it's heyday and worked up to Elder. Joined Fivestar as a Bodyguard and then worked her way up to becoming a High Merchant. Became City Councillor and Judge. Joined House Oberstal and ended up Chamberlain. Joined the Immersea Pirates and became Bonsun of the Tipsy Seagul. Killed the Dragon. What more does a character need to do?

    Jason Belstable: Knight of the Red Hart. Ogrebane!

    Isobel Silverhorn: Ranger and Scout of Cormyr. The last of a long line of Purple Dragons in and around Arabel. They killed her castle!

    Ignatius Blake: By the POWER of IGNATIUS. Counterspeller and abjurer of the Mage Guild. Wyvern Sarasha Norieth.

  • Ash Finofafhard: or whatever it was spelled. Had a very interesting run with this NE halfling working for many factions even spying upon the WW. Specialist of desert trips he still has the Gnoll-Friend-Mark! Retired

    Zinni Anshuran: Bhalirian retainer, had good fun brawling with DeSchurrans pre-wipe. He was part of a Sharran cell. He killed himself by fireballing half of the jail cells.

    Ahn'ak'cho: Githzerai monk, was quite difficult to play since an alien race is an alien race! He was yellow.

    Mathan Mirona: old, greedy, scared of death, servile, sneaky and corrupt. He climbed slowly his way up to the hierarchy of the Morgue till he bacame Head Caretaker. He joined the Mage Guild was member of CoCs and finally a Judge of the City. Despite him being happy to be corrupted, no one actively offered him coins to obatin favorable judgements. To make money he decided to keep part of the fines he was giving to people. Easiest way to make money.
    Had two main apprentices.
    Used to sell Imbued Gems to the local shady characters.
    Tried some necromancy to sustain his life (predatory attitude by casting Vampiric Touch on his apprentices). He was not able to find a mentor in the Mage Guild to become a full member and, scared by some of the contacts between guildmembers and Eclestian Order (that tried on many occasions to caputre him) he ran for his life in the desert. (I learned OOC afterwards that I misunderstood why the EO was there).

    He still is in the Poison Water Inn muttering and limping around.

  • Let's see…

    Most Notably;

    Azriel Rosenfeld, Fezznick Retainer; I don't remember a whole lot about this one, but it was my first real character on the server. I remember a great deal of strife between him, and the rest of the House's retainers and servants. Self-righteous, conservative as all get out, and he tended to prattle a little bit.

    At one point he had an affair with a halfling. Yes, that's right, he had an affair with a woman half his size. I still find this amusing as crap.

    He retired in Tilverton.

    Jasper Hawklin, Knight of the Merciful Sword; Is possibly the most honorable git that I ever played, but he had a major flaw; as a paladin, he was constantly in turmoil over what the dogma of Torm required of him, and what he wished to do. At the core, he was soft-hearted and did not wish to think ill of anybody at all, no matter what their crime was. At one point, he had to administer the death penalty to a madman who was a danger to himself, and to society. The decision tore him up and affected all his future judgements.

    He was, tentatively, in love with a woman named Theresa Firewhisper. It was amusing for me to watch the character go through puppy-love, and it was also a chance for me to kind of explore that whole Knight-like tendancy of 'love from afar', since he distanced himself from her, to protect her from the EBOL PEOPLE attempting to get at him.

    In the end, he led a company along with House DeSchurr and the Helmites in the area against the Shadovar when they began to march south through Flynn. Eventually, he was struck down in combat and loss the full use of his right hand. Thereafter he did not participate in any combat action, and wore a metal gauntlet over his right hand to mask the injury.

    So affected was he by the loss of the hand that he decided to put down the sword, and returned to Suzail, leaving his sister, Eleanor Hawklin, to adventuring.

    Several months after retiring the character, I realized that 'Hawklin' was actually the name of an adventuring noble house in Cormyr. I laughed, a little bit, because it seemed like one of those things that would have fit the character, in retrospect.

    Ruvia Haelyth; Wood Elf Scout: She came to the area with her adopted son, who looked older than she did, and often acted older too. She basically just did whatever it was that she wanted, for quite a while, until running into Duncan and Acer - a powerful adventuring pair. Becomming fast friends, she took up with them, and their company for quite a while.

    Eventually, she was swayed into joining her cause with the Pheonix Legion as it was on the rise in Castle Crag, but became involved in a fistfight with one of Arabel's Guards, Private Honeydew. Some of my best RP with the character was actually while she was in prison, talking with Honeydew. In the few days that it took for her trial to process, the two of them became fast and unlikely friends.

    In the end, she was scapegoated and beheaded - messily - as an example to anyone who would defy the might of Cormyr. I gave the DMs fits about that, which is something I'm mildly embarassed about, to this day because looking back, that death caused so many ripples with so many people, and it was handled pretty well all considered. Honeydew became very bitter after that, as did a large number of other people.

    A quote from Honeydew's diary, the final entry;

    The guards found Honeydew's body in the sewers, maimed and cut up. Some of his items were taken, however his journal remains on his person. Those who read it, will know how hard it was for him to be a guard during such a dangerous time. Next to his journal, lays the Diary of Ruvia, which he kept on his person at all times. Some might think her death is what caused his soul to finally fall to darkness. He tortured people for information, he killed people off for the sake of his own pride. He stole, cheated, and corrupted the Militia. Paladins began speaking of his obvious change in heart. In the end, it was his own arrogance and pride that got him assassinated. Will anyone remember the Singing Guard of Arabel? Who knows, but that's how the story ends. His death will show the other guards of Arabel that arrogance and being too brash with your actions can get you killed.

    Felix Cordwain, Seeker Exemplar: is the character I am still playing, although I am not precisely sure why. He's already got quite the history in the region, but has somehow managed to evade death several times, including retiring from House Bhaliir, without dying.

    You laugh, but he was a half-elf. I'm surprised Atton Jacobi didn't pull his ears off.

    Somebody kill him please? Lol.

  • My personal favorites (even though some were short lived and unsucessful)

    Audra Waynolt: A bad ass chick with a tymoran mother and devout helmite priest for a father, Audra took from both and became a glory seeking asskicking biotch of epic proportions (at least in my mind!). By far the most mechanicly powerful character I have ever played, she is also the first character that actually "made it" on CoA. Like a lot of my characters early on on CoA, she didn't back down from a fight, and as a result I spent a lot of time recovering experience, but it was a blast regardless.

    Tate: A sharran assassin that I tried to base on Daredevil's villain, bullseye. This guy was short lived, as after his first kill he ran around like a headless chicken into the sewer, right into a SFP (or seth) controlled militia patrol. I, of course, went down in a blaze of glory. What still sticks out with me about this character is that it was with him that I learned that the fear of PvP outweighs mechanical skills until someone calls your bluff. When a level 4 dex based fighter/rouge can clear the market just by showing up (we are talking 15 pcs that moved to the tired traveler when they noticed me), you know you got the whole intimidation rp down.

    Bradley Larks: My poor Aasimar paladin will forever be looked at as Ky'ron light to the people who played back then, because Ky'ron was that much of a legend, but he did alright for himself. He went from running about with a pot helm on to hide his heritage (somthing that made people think he was evil for a bit, actually), to a somewhat known adventurer and assosiate of the knights, to a pisspoor Fezznick retainer who tried to get the house to sponser a tormite shrine in wyvernwater (prompting one of the funniest dm responses I have ever seen), to eventually ending up a harper.

    Dame Brianne Kronovitz: I don't like to talk about this one much. On paper, it was my CoA masterpiece, but it flopped like a dying fish in practice, mostly due to me investing too much mentally into it. She was evil, she worshiped Garguath, and she likely would have gone on to do great things had I not squashed her after a bad coa death week.

    Honorable mention: A small army of characters that I had played for a few years, including a five star, Deschurrian, a paladin of mystra, Olouth's bodyguard when she was in Bhaliir, a cyrist that posed as a cleric of ilmater, a sheriff, ect ect ect. If I remembered names well, I would give a few of these their own paragraphs, simply because I felt the concept was cool, but I don't remember names well.

    Kellen Falls: A cleric of shaundakul whom I made to run around with because the concept was basic, Kellen was rather simple. The one thing i tried to do to make him unique was to make a cleric who never preached, just made shaudakul appealing to others by being a living embodiment of the god's dogma. I don't think I suceeded in that part, but Kellen was the character that got me back into heavy CoA play thanks in big part to Mystic and Gmork. I wish I didnt get busy school wise during his time as a herald because I think the faction was tits, but like Larks in the harpers (even though I pushed through that one) Kellen wasn't exactly perfect for the faction regardless.

    Durnir: Another great concept lost to a drunken summer haze.

    Taladania Crimsly: (it should have been Crimsley, but I screwed up making her the first time). I always thought playing an actuall Ilmatre would be boring for me, and I was right! Still, after five years, even the fringe concepts become viable, and emoting swinging that heavy flail was fun. It really is a damn cool looking weapon, and its not as crippling as people treat it in comparison to the other two handers. I mean, its not greatsword, but style man, style! (thanks savn for talking me into it).

  • Sivigne Viloufin: The first thing I rolled here, she was a character I made to get a feel of the server; she was correspondingly vague in her knowledge and morals, which came back to bite me in the ass later. She started looking around at various factions: turned down a balor that wanted her to kill people; later joined a thieves' guild. A few weeks after joining, most of the leaders and agents were dead or left the server. She (or I) didn't know the ropes enough to take much initiative in that context. Somewhere in there she joined the Phoenix Legion, and formed an on-and-off couple with Jhavier Lizardclaw. She was an outsider for most of the groups she was involved in, and never did much beside amass alot of gold and trinkets. She died facing an Ashby princess or something; later resurrected by Jhavier, they moved off together.

    Litziaveta Vhoronevsky: A clerid of Auril I originally made with two friends from another server. They re-rolled as Sharrans soon after, and I never ended up putting into play the concept she was made to enact. The first time around, she didn't do much other than piss people off and make the occasional sermon in sendings, and I then retired her. I took her back out later with the intention of carrying out that concept. She made more sermons to Auril, destroyed flame-related items, and went on expeditions to search for things, but didn't get very far. She joined the Gate Crashers to further her aims, which were plane-related, though I wasn't sure how to proceed despite this. In her lifetime she had 4 Velsharoonite mentors, none of which taught her anything; she ended up betraying the Fangvale defenders to save her own skin after seeing the huge mass of people that showed up for the attack. In the end, she was going to be killed by the Cornucopia, and while I was looking forward to it, I had had enough of NWN in general at that time and didn't want to draw it out much more, so she's retired. She, also, didn't do much other than amass trinkets and gold, although she tried to do more at least.

    Ja'Ila Galie: First attempt at an elf that wasn't moody or a supremacist. She was a bard, with esoteric goals about infusing magic into arts, but there wasn't much interest or support for show-like pursuits that didn't involve a lot of romping through the woods. She was in the Theur Everae, but was more involved with Candlekeep. In the end, I lost interest and left her open-ended.

  • Rego Frin - trapspringer. Banished from the city for an attack on a lance lord, and converted to the druid cause as they taught him the ways of the lands. Travelled to the Shadovar's castle islands and aided in the killing of one of the warmongering princes.
    Glork Glorinson - Mage guild frontlining wizard, Elder of the Stoneguard and book fetishist. Discovered and retained the Rainwreath sacred to Itishia. Killed the Baron Gromf in the fangvale assault.

    kili Deepshaft - dwarven skald, and demon worshiper. Entered the Aegis tomb and help recover it secrets. Joined the Red Moon and aided in the summoning of Bloodclaw.

    Karic Sawman - current. Bloodthorn of the Red Moon

  • House of the Morning

    Aline Under - my first character. Naturally, a default half-elf fighter with no clearly defined backstory. Highest level: 4.

    Dent Thander - Probably my most influential character, and still few of you know of him. He was a Helmite newly arrived, taken into the Iron Wings, and was involved with the whole drow/bebilith thing for a bit. Then, nothing. Highest level: 4.

    Alfred Manson - This was originally a joint plot with Jalez, but eventually, it grew to being a trading partner with Felix Cordwain, and then to a senior retainer of house Obarstal. Highest level: 4.

    Lucan Mithall - My only app character. I say "only" because I quit it which is not something I recommend doing for those who want lots and lots of apps. Basically, a fallen paladin of Torm seeking to regain the favor of his god. Brief stint with House Obarstal, which he left because he was LG. (ZING!) He then began to minimally participate in the war against Clar Banda, dying (about 1 hour before the true main event occurred) to a bugbear chieftain. Highest level: 4.

    See a pattern? 😃

  • Bron Siger- Gatecrasher, Adventurer Guild member, Savior of Eliphas and all around cool guy. Level 8 7fighter/1rogue

    Narar Liamyn- Member of Scarlet Talon(SPY!), cut off his own ears to show his loyalty to the talons. Then shunned by his master. Level 6 Rogue

    Jack Carter- Tymoran Cleric, met an Avatar of Tymora with Lambert! Level 7 cleric 6 fighter 1

    Dorgan Blackrock- Gnome singer turned Custodian, Seeked to become a god and had his eye snacked on! Bard 9

    Current Character: Alex Hella

  • Canderous Mordan - My first foray into creating something akin to an actual character; He was a DeSchurran Senior Retainer, Tormite. Loyal to DeSchurr, but wary of Gondegal - and rightly so. He ended up becoming some sort of altruistic pirate guy and was retired. Pretty meh.

    Samuel Sane - Bhaliiran. The product of watching various mindufck films, dramas, and copious amounts of alcohol. He was my epitome of emoness, surpassed only perhaps by the hairless wonder at the bottom of this little list; REGARDLESS, a Tymoran, and maybe even a Hoaran (Whore. He was a man whore), his original intention was to kill Lord Bhaliir in retaliation for the man's actions against the Slumfolk during civil war build up - He ended up being seduced with the whole evil/fun/powerplot thing and instead become a rather.. disturbed individual. Tragically ended and yet revived sometime later.. I could not summon the emo required to play that sorry mess again.
    Lucien Adhemar - Eclestian Witchhunter, he was a pretty cookie-cutter, LE individual straight from a Pratchett novel with several quirks that undermined a rather, tarnished and oft times understated personality that.. in the end, really just needed someone to love..

    Then have them burned.

    Araevin Alenuath - No comment.

    I shall not mention the little black marks in-between, they were probably fuck ups.

  • Drudo Daessi: Create character first, think up character second sums him up. I just made a semi-minmaxed sorcerer as my first serious character. No deity, and no purpose in life. Lasted for 3 years but never joined or started any plots. I do vividly remember his occasional bouts with his arch-nemesis Quado, though. (not sure if anyone recalls our silly battles)

    Thrag Grelxsen: The most fun I have ever had on the server was during the Sharran cell's reign in the sewers. Lots of death, lots of PvP, and lots of heated bickering in game and out w00t w00t. Beating the shit out of your fellow players was the name of the game those days. He spent his days lurking in the sewers, waiting for hapless victims to come down. I owe this character to the Sharran cell players just as much as our Trystan's Trade counterparts (May they rest in peace MUHAHAHAH). I fondly recall his 101 critical on an orc warrior and I think that'll sum him up nicely for you guys.

    Tal Zahar: I made this character without thinking too much on his 'plan'. I created him after brainstorming a general outlay with Yardsale, allowing the concept to go where it may. Started out as a gang member and assassin, turned Fivestar bodyguard, and finally turned Stark Confederate as those characters moved into town. Lot's of fun with him.

    Greggory Flint: Aside from getting occasional tells that it's spelled "Gregory" not "GreGGory", I had and continue to have an awesome time with this character. He's just a run of the mill Tymoran slummer that wanted more from life so he turned to crime. He was originally part of the Bhaliiran Auxiliary, but when I returned to the character after a break I decided to take a different route with him. It took a few weeks to get his name out, but soon enough people recognized him as the friendly neighbourhood fence- something that payed off big time. The next thing you know he's chillin' in his stall in the slums, and when that wasn't good enough he was snoozin' in his posh Fivestar room after he'd purchased himself a stock (the American dream). I have never, and probably will never, hold more than 30,000 coins again. Things started to speed up when he met Tomas Du Pre and we formed the awesomely corrupt South East Council. When that deteriorated I kind of lost hope and left him on hold for a while. (But you never know when uncle Flint will rise again!).

    I'll update this as I remember more characters or more about the characters I mentioned.

  • Victor Marlson aka The Butcher: Created him not long after watching Sweeny Todd. He is a mix of sweeny todd, the butcher from gangs of new york and the butcher from the movie Wanted.

    Probably one of the most fun characters I've played but also disappointing as no one got on board with what I was planning.

    Erurk Rulash: Given that Gnomish Inventor talked about Thrag, I must talk about erurk. I made him well into Thrags life. The plan was to have matching characters and for me to die in his place to fake his death. Was great fun roaming the sewers

    Simon T. Walsh: The right hand of Aldous Stark of the fivestars and the Stark Confederacy. In reality we were thayan imposters (Magus/Knight) posing as sembians under the guise of an illusion spell and were planning to have thayans reinstated into the city. We were well on track but aldous died and whitelighted so concept over 😛

    Waldo Carios: This was my longest played character. Was a key member to trystan trades success during its prime time along side trystan himself and the other key members. Built as a simple enchanter, I joined TT and fell into a world of adventure and intrigue. A loud mouthed, smart mouthed tymoran who backed down from no one.

    Savviz Phen: An arrogant and violent thayan knight played along with Zvir Garas. Power hungry and vicious would describe him best.

    Prurg Turken: Gruumsh Priest of Clan Sabo'tha. A more relaxed character made with the sole purpose of creating conflict with Bhaliir. As a clan of orcs, led by Thrag Grelxsen, we roamed the city creating havoc all around.
    Nordak Joysword: An aging tempan warrior retainer of Lord Deschurr. Hard headed and arrogant, he used to constantly get into fights with Errod Longfeather. However, he was based around the core values of deschurr and held them to heart.

    Rodor Lanarlin: A shady sharran sorcerer/monk, inducted into the sharran cell and was tasked with infiltrating the bhaliir ranks as a spy. His only mistake was carrying his sharran cloak and ring around.

    Other mentionables:

    Torgan Rhyn - Thayan Knight
    Alexander Abendroth - Zhentarim
    Noli Henk - A loyal dwarf, member of the gleaming blades

    There may be others that I forgot due to short life spans.

  • Hi, I'm a tolltroll. No, but I felt like posting in this thread. There's a plenty of characters to write about, but I picked the five I likely enjoyed the most.

    William Barenn: Insane batly goodness in the sewers, Fangs was the first character that really got me fixed on my play. He is also my first (and only) character to live beyond two months of age.

    Calvin Kraex: Started out as an alcoholic Tymoran Purple Dragon from Suzail during the civil war, ended up shifting sides after being influenced by RwG's Tymoran aasimar. Calvin ended up rolling towards Tymoran champion later on in his life. (Never made it there though, due to poor motivation and the need to reach level 7)

    Yaspar Thaerdu: After Calvin, I wanted to jump on the other side of the Civil war and step into the boots of Yaspar Thaerdu, a halfling Helmite living in the belief that the only way to survive the threat of Bhaliir was joining him. Yaspar lost his left arm the third day on the job. He got alot more vocal after that.

    The Bedine: A cursed member of a bedine tribe, banished from his homelands by his father after his curse ignited his mother into flames. The Bedine was on a quest to redeem himself and eventually spread the influence of his father's tribe into the lowlands.

    Berezriar: A green lizardlike thing with the habit of puffing out acidic gas. Berezriar was violent and fixed on certain traditions, such as eating their hearts and thus gaining their strengths. He was also quite fond of local fauna and sought to eventually end civilization in Cormyr and turn it into a gigantic forest for him to inhabit and rule over.

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