Offering Character Art for CoA Donations

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    Donate to CoA to keep it alive, and Puffy will draw YOUR character!
    To donate, please click the following link: viewtopic.php?t=165951

    What Puffy Offers

    Okay, been a while but I know a few of you have asked me about this! I am offering to draw your character for a donation towards CoA, the donation can be any size and once your donation has been confirmed I will complete the drawing in roughly a week. The larger the donation, the more detail and time I will put into it, but do note that I am no professional character artist, I do this cause I love drawing and CoA. I also offering photoshopping images for character portraits, or CoA landscape drawings. Whatever you fancy really, I mostly do this cause I am poor and I wish to keep CoA alive and give the players something in return for doing so.

    What Puffy will need to have PM'd on the FORUMS for the best possible drawing:

    • Screenshot of your character (If they wear a helmet, that is what I will draw)

    • Description of your character

    • Name/Account Name

    • Donation Amount (If you prefer not to say, I will go for a basic drawing)

    • Inspirational Art (Celebrities, Character Inspiration, etc. Whatever you think will help to show how you think they look)

    Please note if you don't provide all the information, I will improvise and I cannot read minds so do not expect a photo finish of your idea
    I will only begin drawing once your donation has been confirmed to me

    Example of previous Character Artwork:
    Not all characters drawn hail from CoA

    To donate, please click the following link: viewtopic.php?t=165951

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