Quest Loot Suggestions

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I'm going through and mixing up the quest loot tables a bit, would like some ideas for -thematic- quest loot. So for example, fey themed items for fey garden, etc.

    So if you have ideas for loot, fill out my little form things and you might see it or something similar IG! You can suggest stats, but there is a fair chance I will change them if used so don't get hung up on it.

    [b]Base Item:[/b]
    [b]Item Name:[/b]
    [b]Suggested Stats:[/b][/quote]

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Fey Garden
    Item Name: Pixie Toothpick
    DescriptionThis looks like a giant tooth pick for when the pixies of the fey realm play obscene pranks upon one another, often turning each other into an oversized elephant pixie. Due to their inability to properly clean their teeth during this shape, they use it to clean t heir teeth. This results in these becoming discarded once the pixie regains their normal size- but some pixie dust is on it!
    Suggested Stats: 10 charges of sleep, +1 piercing damage, +1d6 mass critical hits. +1d6 piercing damage versus giants.

  • Quest:Bhresken factory
    Base Item: horn
    Item Name: Ancient alarm device
    Description: This old machine produces a loud sound when utilized, perfect for sounding an alarm or confuse intruders.
    Suggested Stats: Balagar's Iron horn 10 uses, sound burst 1/day.

  • For reference, the list of CoA quests is in this post:


    No guarantee all of those quests are in v5 though.

  • Quest: Castle Assault
    Base Item: Cloak
    Item Name: Orc-Skin Cloak
    Description: This hideous creation of orc skin is sewn together to create a ramshackle cloak, it reeks horribly of urine, feces, vomit and death yet holds a a few amazing enchantments.
    Suggested Stats: -6 Charisma, -10 persuade, 5/+1 damage reduction, +4 intimidate, 20 charges of blood frenzy, permanently dyed red, must be RPed about its smell and ugliness.

  • Admin [DM]


    For reference, the list of CoA quests is in this post:


    No guarantee all of those quests are in v5 though.

    Most are, or will be if they aren't atm. No quests have been deleted that are on the list 🙂

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Nada's House
    Armor: Cloth
    Nada's Lingerie
    Description: Taken from Arabel's infamous "Sune's Secret" magazine, these lingerie seem a bit smelly, torn, and unfit to be worn- but if you do, you certainly do feel feminine.
    Suggested Stats: +1 charisma, -2 persuade/bluff/intimidate, OUB Female.

    Nanook's Chess
    Misc Item:
    King's Piece
    Description: The King of the Chessboard, bestowing the regal aura of royalty.
    Suggested Stats: Aura of Glory, five uses. Remove Fear, 10 uses.

    Bard's Tale:
    Song sheets
    Various Song Sheets
    Whatever the Songs descriptions are
    Whatever the song stats are (songs should drop on this quest)

    Gilmor's Tower
    Item Name: Wand of Infatuation
    Description: While a powerful wizard, even the greatest of men can use some help in getting the girls. This wand would charm the women he wished to seduce for a fine dinner and romance- before he dumped them back onto the street where he found them.
    Suggested Stats:Charm Person 10 uses, Dominate Person single

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Quest: Kanthea's Bear Claw
    Base Item: Miscellaneous Item
    Item Name: Honey Comb
    Description: A delicious rich honey comb, with wriggling bee larva inside of it. It looks delicious, tasty, and all sorts of juicy.
    Suggested Stats: 10 uses of cure serious wounds.

    Quest: Lair of Io-Rach
    Base Item: Potion
    Item Name: Prototype Transformation Brew
    Description: The goblin alchemists of the Lair of Io-Rach attempted to perfect the transformation that lead to their glorious achievement of the Io-Rach Beast. However, some mistakes were made.
    Suggested Stats: Polymorph Self- Pixie.

    Quest: Most Myronic Adventurer
    Base Item: Misc Item
    Item Name: Myron's Dragon Scale
    Description: …Maybe he was telling the truth?
    Suggested Stats: Magic Vestment- 10

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Quest: Narfell Smith
    Base Item: Potion
    Item Name: Minotaur Virility Potion
    Description: Made from the piss of giants, ogres, minotaurs, and other monstrous, giant creatures, it is distilled by the Shamans of Baphomet and mixed together with the most potent of minotaur Alcohol, only the bravest would dare quaff this brew.
    Suggested Stats: Greater Endurance, Must Emote Drinking a Minotaur Virility Brew.

    Quest: Narfel Smith
    Base Item: Whip
    Item Name: Narfel Smith's Spare Adventuring Whip
    Description: A positively roguish accessory to all would be daring dungeon spelunkers, this whip will no doubt see you through to the end of any quest!
    Suggested Stats: +1d6 piercing, 2d12 mass crit, +5 disable trap/openlock/set trap, 5 uses of Rogue's Cunning, OUB PURE ROGUE

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Quest: Alana's Ogres
    Base Item: Double Axe
    Item Name: Ogre Chief's Double Axe
    Description: An intimidating, unwieldy weapon, this immense weapon can only be used by the biggest, and strongest of individuals, and has been enchanted to destroy all the smaller, punier races of the realms.
    Suggested Stats: +1d4 slashing versus DWARF/HALFLING/GNOME/ELF/HALF ELF. +4 intimidate, Ambiodexterity Feat, -2 dexterity, +1 piercing, OUB: Human, Half Orc. Only UMD if you wish Vaprak to eat you.

    Quest: Alana's Ogres
    Base Item: Armor- Full PLate
    Item Name: Ogre "Full Plate"
    Description: This slab of metal called 'full plate' by ogres is in reality, a piece of junk to anyone but an ogre.
    Suggested Stats: +3 ac, 20% immunity to piercing/slashing/bludgeon, 2/day blood frenzy. Only use if you're an ogre.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Quest: Home Alone
    Base Item: Ring
    Item Name:Gladstone Estate Signet Ring
    Description: Covered in the Stomach Juices of an Umberhulk, this ring has been enchanted to ward of such an event as this- pity no one was around to wear it.
    Suggested Stats: +3 ac versus aberrations, 10 uses of clarity, +1 will.

    Quest: Home Alone
    Base Item:Rapier
    Item Name: Gladstone Ceremonial Rapier
    Description: You couldn't use it to pierce a sausage, really.
    Suggested Stats: No damage.

    Quest: Home Alone
    Base Item: Tanglefoot Bag
    Item Name: Gauth Spit
    Description: This is a vial of gauthspit, when th rown at someone, it grows harder and makes it difficult for them to move.
    Suggested Stats: Tanglefoot Bag

    Quest: Gladstone Estate
    Base Item: Scimitar
    Item Name: Hook Horror Claw
    Description: This hook horror claw has been attached to a sword, and is quite unwieldy.
    Suggested Stats: +1d4 slashing damage, -2 dodge AC, +2 ac versus aberrations

  • Admin [DM]

    Please post your suggestions in one post if you have many

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Good stuff keep it coming. I might just pick the coolest idea to make a "vanity item" IG for the player.

  • Quest: Porry Hatter (don't remember the actual quest name)
    Base Item: That mage staff with the bulb tip on it
    Item Name: Porry's old Hobby Horse
    Description: This Hobby Horse almost looks as old as Arabel itself, it seems to of have seen much use in its days. On closer inspection there seems to be a few scribblings and runes more recently etched along the shaft, some nonsensical some seem legitimate.
    Suggested Stats: 10 charges, haste cl 10 (5 charge use), Expeditious retreat cl 5 (1 charge use)

  • Quest: Castle Assault
    Base Item: Heavy Crossbow
    Item Name: Arbelast
    Description: While holding some semblance to an ordinary crossbow, strong metal alloys were used in the creation of this weapon. Its design and tensile strength result in great force when fired upon an enemy. However, it requires fast and disciplined action to wield such a weapon properly. They are praised for their great mobility, though their rarity makes them a staple in only a few select garrisons.
    Suggested Stats: +3 Mighty, Only Usable By: Fighter (To emulate the composite longbow. This way, crossbows aren't quite so under-represented in the module as they are now).

    Quest: Porry Hatter
    Base item: Cloak (Hat variation)
    Item name: Sporting Hat
    Description: A fine hat; at least, it was at one point in time. It was apparently chewed up by the many rats residing in the dungeon in which you recovered it. However, you're certain it still bears some minor enchantments.
    Suggested Stats: +3 bluff, +2 persuade, -3 intimidate.

  • Quest: Kanthea's Bear Claw

    Base Item: Gloves

    Item Name: Ancient Sick Dire Bear Paws

    Description:"Well now look at you! You went in and slaughtered all those bears. You even decided to murder a poor sickly bear on it's deathbed. To add insult to injury you even chopped off it's paws and turned them into gloves. Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? At least your hands do."

    When you don on these gloves you can feel the anger and strength of the ancient bear running through you. It is demanding revenge on those adventurers that denied it a peaceful death and the slaughter of it's kids. You are the one to do that. However, you also feel it's old age in yourself.

    **Suggested Stats:**Improved Unarmed Strike, STR +3, Con -2, AB +2, Slashing Damage 1d8, Penalty to saves -5 vs Disease

  • Quest: Dead Luck(The one you get from the same place as "Tyche's Challenge", "Ilmateri Meat Delivery" and "Crypt Clearing", it has a DK boss if I'm not being clear enough)
    Base Item: Helmet
    Item Name: Dead Commander's Helm
    Description: Wearing this helm makes you feel as though your mind is as resistant to magic as the dead are, however you don't feel too healthy.
    Suggested Stats: +7 vs Mind Affecting, -5 vs Poison and Disease, -1 Fort.

    Quest: Dead Luck (The one you get from the same place as "Tyche's Challenge", "Ilmateri Meat Delivery" and "Crypt Clearing", it has a DK boss if I'm not being clear enough)
    Base Item: Greatsword
    Item Name: Dead Commander's Greatsword
    Description: This sword is torn from the hands of some powerful undead, you don't feel too safe using it however.
    Suggested Stats: 1d4 Negative Energy (There is not to be the VFX however), -5 vs Negative Energy, +1 AB and AC vs Undead

    Quest: Dead Luck (The one you get from the same place as "Tyche's Challenge", "Ilmateri Meat Delivery" and "Crypt Clearing", it has a DK boss if I'm not being clear enough)
    Base Item: Full Plate
    Item Name: Dead Commander's Platemail
    Description: This armour is incredibly thick and enchanted, taken off the corpse of an incredibly powerful undead.
    Suggested Stats: +1 AC, +2 AC vs Undead, -2 Fort, -3 vs Negative Energy, 1/day Stone Bones.

    Thank you, AronFF, for the quest name.

  • Nice items, but the quest name isn't Dead Cold Up North, it's Dead Luck unless changed recently.

  • Bloodchurn's pelt

    Allegedly the hide of the notorious Red Moon leader Helmar Bloodchurn this pelt is certainly from a werewolf and seems to retain some of the characteristic traits that are commonly associated with the werewolf.

    Base item - cloak
    attributes - intimidate +3
    and/or DR +1/2
    and/or bonus feat KD

    The attributes need tweeking to the power level of the server and the quest it would be in

  • Quest: Got Wood

    Base Item: Greataxe

    Item Name: Manly axe

    Description: This axe radiates manliness. You feel the urge to do manly things, preferably with other manly men! While this axe is a fairly effective weapon, the effect it has on the mind, especially concerning personal safety, tends to result in the axes changing hands fairly frequently… but at least it previous owners all died being -manly- men!

    Suggested Stats: D4 slashing damage - 1 ac - 1 wisdom.

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