Caylee researches the stages of Lycanthropy.

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    //She found the above title, and assumes the Full Moon reference applies across the board, with all lycanthropes. She copies the relevant passage.
    _> "…The cycle of those afflicted by the rat disease are tied in closely with the cycles of the moon. This is important when attempting to cure those bitten and under the influence of the disease.

    No symptoms appear until the first night of the moon. But on that night, the afflicted involuntarily assume the form of rat and man combined, becoming a ravenous beast and abomination against nature, violently raging against all in their site. No amount of reason to their human side soothes them._

    ! ICly, any 10 year old can look up at the night sky on a clear night and see what stage the moon is in. OOCly we havn't a clue unless it is the same as it is in the real world. help. please, what stage is the moon of Toril in?

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